Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm still busy with new designs, but I'm on the last lap I think. I can almost start planning what I'm going to do after all the work is finished. A sewing marathon is right up there on my list of priorities.

I've been hand-sewing while I watch the Olympics at night, and I'm a few seams away from finishing a quilt top I started two years ago. I cut it out as hand-sewing for a trip to South Australia to visit Mum and Meredith in November 2004, so I can date it accurately. It's been a fun carry-along project on my other travels, not too many pieces and no thought involved. I will post a full picture in a few days time when the thing is in one piece.

This is my hexagon project, like Bonnie's; it's 15 years old. I made it to use up piles of tiny shop samples. Now I have even more of those samples, so it's time I got back into it. My problem is I have no overall plan for it, I just like sewing things together. I will have to sit down and at least plan the next few rows. It's so easy though, there aren't a lot of stitiches along each 1/2"side....

I love getting those shop samples, especially the 2"ones of a whole fabric line. I've never in my life bought a whole range of fabric, but with the samples I can have a little piece of everything.

I adore those old English hexagon quilts, that must have taken years to put together. That's why this project is called my 60 year quilt; I'm aiming to have it done by the time I'm 60, but if not, I don't care. If I stitch on it for 60 years I'll be happy with that too. I began it when I was 32, so I guess that will only make me 92 when I finish it....


dot 7:06 PM  

Sounds good to me, as I tell my children, as long as I have a project going I won't die. Keep up the good work and post a picture from time to time.

Bonnie 6:06 AM  

Uhhhhhhhhgh! I pulled mine out yesterday while sitting at the massage clinic to answer phones..I think I sewed 4 more hexes on to a unit, and that was as far as it got! I may join you at being 92 when it is done. I love it, but not enough to want to work on it! *LOL*


keryn 6:06 PM  

I have to admit, after I photographed mine I left it out so I could sew some more. Then after two days I found Squeak using it for a bed and packed it all away. It will come into favour again, but not right now...

When we hit 90 you and I can have a race to see who finishes first.

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