Friday, March 03, 2006

My computer work is done, except for updating the websites and that will be a pleasure after the hassles I've just worked through. So now I have a free weekend, before I have to buckle down and finish up the taxes and other accounting work. I need an assistant. My kids have helped in my office since they were 4 & 5, and they are heartily sick of it by now. They regularly quit, and I regularly fire them, but they are cheap available labour so I keep asking them back!

The image is one of Mereth's new designs, from a pattern pack that will be released in May at the Machine Quilters Showcase. Wonderful patterns.

I'm looking forward to the weekend; we are scouting around for a new house, and Saturdays we make a list of the Open Houses, rough out a plan of attack so that we can visit them without back-tracking all over town, pack drinks and snacks and take off. It's been interesting, but I'm starting to realise how much space we need for a family of four packrats plus an office and workroom. We may have to build something suitable.

After the drive-around I will be free to sew, yippee! Can't wait.

Here is a picture that proves I can quilt, I used to quilt and I will quilt again. It's a Quilt-As-You-Go Welsh Strippy quilt, that I made last year for my book. The photo isn't wonderful, but the quilt had to go to America and I didn't have enough time to get decent pictures. It was a whole lot of fun to quilt, and we need several big table runners, so I will pull out some solid coloured fabric and quilt up a storm. Soon.

And just because more pictures are more fun, here's a quilt I finished last year that hangs above our bed. It was soo easy to make, and I really tried to make the colouring intense. My natural instinct is to use cream backgrounds to tie things together, so I had to keep restricting my colour choices to warm pinks, ochres, rusts and reds. I'm glad I did, I really enjoy this quilt.


mereth 1:03 PM  

I know I drew the damn thing but even I'm impressed! Well done!
I love the quilt too, I keep trying to make one without using lights , but they creep in when I'm not looking.

Bonnie 12:37 PM  

Wow! I'm so glad that I had time to click through the ring today! I really love the designs that Meredith did....and I am SO in love with welsh quilts. I've never done one, but I just look and look and dream and drool! I like the bricks quilt too!


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