Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yesterday I heard the weather forecaster on the readio say "And next week there is every likelihood of a significant rain event...." Now what on earth is significant rain event? Rain with publicity?

Now however, the rain event has become a category 5 cyclone up north of us, and it promises to be memorable. We live 40k inland, behind a little range of hills that protect us from most of the wild weather, but the rain will sweep down over us like a grey waterfall. I don't like living in the Tropics...

Which I suppose is why I'm thinking longingly of the baked yellow wheatfields of my hometown area; Amy willl probably not see that sort of thing in Queensland, she will be visiting the green rainforest areas in Queensland when she comes in May, and down south around Melbourne the autumn rains will have turned the country green and growing. All of it's picturesque, but my heart belongs to the dry country.

Quilt piccie today is of a Milky Way quilt that I made a couple of years ago. I've wanted to make this pattern since the '70s, I just adore it. I finally made one to use up my large collection of '80s blue florals, which were boring me to tears every time I opened the blue drawer. Even the back is pieced from them, but it didn't use them all up. I ended up giving them away to a fellow blue-lover. I like the quilt, but I think I still have another Milky Way quilt or two in my system, maybe a blue and green one, and ....

I'm slowly digging my sewing room free of all the drifts of books and FQs and pieces of fabric that were stacked on every available surface. It's just hard work deciding what to do with every piece, and I have to take lots of coffee breaks so I can think it through. I should have a clear table soon, and be able to get back to finishing off a few projects.


cher 11:50 AM  

lovely milky way quilt-I envison the one I want to make in day, one day. I admire your dedication to cleaning up your sewing room. I am ignoring my mess and promise to tackle it "another day" - just rather sew today! I do like the many coffee breaks to help mull over where fabrics should go *vbs*

Carolyn 5:13 AM  

I've heard about the cyclone and I hope you weren't sounds horrible! Your Milky Way quilt is beautiful. I'm looking for a pattern to make a quilt for my bed...thanks for the inspiration!

The Calico Cat 11:48 AM  

Love the milky way quilt - & I am a green gal so I suppose not seeing the wheat colored grass (like most of the grass of my childhood in Texas and Arizona) will be o.k. - you can only see so much in 2 weeks...

Dawn 7:18 PM  

Your milky way quilt is great! Isn't it wonderful to use up old fabrics that your sick of and give them new life in a cool quilt like this!

Evelyn aka Starfishy 12:52 PM  

Very nice blue Milky Way. I do that too -make a quilt in one color way and then, if I like the pattern, start thinking about making it again in a different colorway - I do enjoy making the same pattern in different colors!


aka Starfishy

Anonymous,  4:21 PM  

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