Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I had hoped that this year would be a lot better than last year's jumble of trips away and sad times, but it's not off to a good start. We have just come back from a week in Brisbane, attending the funeral of my darling Father-In-Law. It was all very upsetting, as my MIL has been left on her own after 52 years of marriage. It's awful living so far away from family, it's a 7 hour trip down there, and I think I loathe just about every inch of it, having driven it so many times in the last 26 years. I hate knowing that we can't be there for her.

Dad was a fantastic gardener, so I brought back some of his lilies to remember him by. It will be therapeutic to pot them into good soil and see them thrive. Brisbane has such severe water restrictions that most of his garden was dying, so I've given these few things a reprieve from certain death. We need RAIN in the catchment areas of the dams, and it seems to be falling everywhere but there.

And life bowls along despite whatever else is happening, so I have arrived home to a sea of work and a garden on it's last gasp and cats that are determined to tell me about every minute of their abandonment. Get over it Guys! So if this sounds like a whinge then it probably is. I want something nice to happen.

This morning we have been out to the Uni to collect textbooks for DS, and his course begins again next week. I like driving him to Uni because it makes me schedule my gym visits more regularly; if I'm out of the house anyway I may as well go to the gym.

My poor sewing room has been overtaken by a sea of paper as I print out several huge orders, and I can't get near the machine for even a stitch. I haven't been able to work on the orphan blocks at all, so they will have to sit on the design wall a little longer. But I do like that Tumbler bit, I may have to cut out a whole quilt like that.

I am going to make an effort today to get the room put back the way it should be, and sew something, anything! Even mending would be better than nothing.

I like this Bear Paw variation; wouldn't mind making a whole quilt like this.

This is another quilt that came home from a quilt shop. It's one that I use to teach beginners. I like the brown and blue colour scheme, they are my two favoutire colours I think.

Like everyone else, I get a huge amount of spam and junk mail. Most of the titles are nonsensical, but some are intruiging. I liked the one that advised me "Have a Spatial". A Spatial sounds quite interesting, sort of a cross between a facial, Feng Shui and an out of body experience. Anyone know where I can get me one? Might be just what I need.


Helen 11:04 PM  

So sorry to hear your FIL passed away. I think it is hard to be left on your own after such a long time.

mereth 11:19 PM  

Hope life gets back to normal soon and you can get things in order.Look after those lillies and you'll remember Mr Em every time you see them.

joyce 4:42 AM  

Sorry about your FIL. I hope your MIL is doing all rgiht. I don't know what a spatial is but I want one.

meggie 1:51 PM  

So sorry about you FIL, & feel for the MIL.
I want a spatial too- might be able to tidy my life?

gwen 2:16 AM  

I am sorry about your FIL. My thoughts go to your MIL.
The blue and brown quilt is lovely. I have never seen a sampler in these colours but it was worth the waiting! I bet if you start as a beginner with a quilt like that, you are sure to get hooked! Take care

Shelina 2:23 PM  

{{Hugs}}} to you Keryn. So sorry about your loss. Made doubly bad because of the distance. Things will get better soon - they just have to.

Your blocks are lovely. I was looking at the tumbling blocks too, and thinking that I should make a whole quilt like that.

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