Thursday, October 25, 2007

I suppose you've been thinking that my silence is due to long hours spent in the sewing room, playing with my fabric purchases. Not likely! This weekend there is a quilt display in the Institute building, with work by the local group exhibited as a fundraiser for the primary school. We decided to do our bit to keep the visitors amused, so the bank building has been transformed into a mini quilt show.

It didn't look too promising.....but we kept on.....
and now it looks great!
Two days of exhausting effort has paid off, and the room looks lovely.Mind you, my house is trashed, and it will take hours of work to put it all back the way it was. Can I just say 'Bother!'

A steady stream of people this morning has commented on the fact that they are all our quilts. It is quite impressive, especially as I have 10 or so in the actual show as well, and Mereth has a similar number.

I would have been sitting at my machine piecing, for demonstration purposes only, if my computer hadn't decided to do everything in ultra slow motion. As in taking 3 hours to start up! So I spent the day setting up my laptop as a replacement, connecting it to the net and installing an updated virus program and registering all the programs I use every day on the other computer. I am grateful that I know enough to get me out of trouble, but I don't know enough to fix anything. It being the weekend almost, I'm sure the computer guy won't get here till Monday now. I will make do.

Mereth sat and sewed on some applique, so at least she achieved something today.I did get a few blocks made and sewn together last night, so that made me happy. Very early this morning I re-potted some plants that desperately needed it, and that made me feel good. This afternoon I baked muffins, which made me feel even better. Tonight I will sew some more, and have a muffin for supper, and then get caught up on all the work I didn't get done today. Tomorrow I will sew those demonstration blocks and hopefully get my quilt top in one piece, except for the borders. I am such an optimist.


joyce 4:12 AM  

Wow! Lots of work. I really like the spiral looking one on the right side of the second picture. We are having computer issues here too. Actually, router issues so I can't get online with my computer only DH's. I miss my bookmarks.

Quilt Pixie 6:44 AM  

like joyce, I love the spiral quilt :-) They are all lovely, and a real testament to all the quilting work you do... Hope they help advertise the "new shop" in town

Dawn 6:54 AM  

Wow it is gorgeous! And I was just looking at the diamond sprial like quilt in a magazine. Not sure if it was this one or one very similiar - but they sure do look the same! Very cool!

Shelina 8:28 PM  

I'm tired just reading about the things you have been up to. What beautiful quilts - and how wonderful that the two of you have enough quilts to host your very own quilt show. They are all so beautiful - I don't think I could pick a favorite.

julieQ 7:40 PM  

So beautiful ladies!! Be proud you have enough work to have your very own show. Lovely...


Chookyblue 9:03 PM  

tried to leave comment on Mereths blog the show looked great......your studio looks great and hope you get back into the sewing very soon......

meggie 11:45 PM  

All looking wonderful!

Carol E. 3:04 PM  

Another gorgeous view of the show. Looks great! You and Mereth did a nice job of sharing the beauty with us.

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