Friday, April 18, 2008

It was nephew Rob's graduation ceremony Friday morning, at Adelaide's Flinders University. We knew it would be a struggle to get there in time if we left on Friday, so we booked a motel room and drove down early Thursday morning. We had a leisurely visit to a Spotlight store, and bought a few bits and pieces; I'm on the hunt for vibrant dark blues, but I'm not having any luck. I will have to search further afield.

From there we went to Ikea, and came away deeply disatisfied that we don't own a ute or van so that we can stock up on their modular furniture. We could have such fun there, if only we didn't have to get it home somehow.

Rob's graduation was lovely, he looked so good; sort of Matrix meets Academia. His grandmother would have been very proud of him, getting his degree. I love the atmosphere at Uni; I always think I'd like to go back to school and study something once again, but I never go any further with it. Maye when there aren't so many other things to be doing.....

We went to Central Market, right in the middle of Adelaide; it's a fascinating place, full of fresh food, gourmet and organic produce. We didn't have time to do more than rush in to the organic wholefood place and grab some soy flour and snowpea seeds for me, and gluten free flours for Mereth, and then we had to get going. I also detoured to the Adelaide Nut, and picked up some of my favourite mustard broad beans; they bring tears to the eyes, but I love them anyway.

On the way home we decided NOT to get lost, and stayed on the highway, which was boring but more direct. We did take a quick trip down a side road to have a closer look at a windfarm that is being built. There are several in South Australia, and yes they probably are a bit of an eyesore, but we can't ignore the good they do.
It will be an amazing sight when the whole line of them is up and running.


Carol 5:01 PM  

It is so wonderful to see that you have the windfarms down under also. I live in Indiana and they have finished about 75 of them just south of where I live and have quite a few more planned in the near future. With all the wind we have here it is great that we won't be using up natural resourses, just wind to supplement our needs. I also love your posts and your quilts, I check in often but have recently started my own blog so now I can comment.

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