Saturday, March 14, 2009

We were off at sunrise yesterday, for a quick trip to Adelaide. I won another Ebay auction, so we had to go and pick that up, and also go to Spotlight for some needed fabric. It was a gorgeous grey day, Autumn is here at last; I just love a sky full of grey clouds.The early light caused some fantastic effects, and we stopped to take photos of the windfarm; I love these huge blades turning in the wind, they look incredibly significant. Of course in twenty years time we'll have evidence that they are beaming information to aliens in outerspace, and all those nutjobs were right all along; until then, I'll enjoy them.We had to find an address in Port Adelaide, and at an intersection I realised that we were very close to a house my DBrother No1 had lived in about 8 years ago. I knew there was a church just down the road with cute stained glass windows, so we did a little detour to take some photos. It was a very busy street, so we had to be content with a couple of snaps from inside the car. Love the little crenellations on the entry of the church.

Across the road was this beautiful mansion, complete with widow's walk around the top. The beach runs parallel to this road, so there would be an amazing view of the sea from up there. It must be wonderful to live in a place like that.
And once we got back on track we stopped to take a photo of this glorious pile, the Largs Pier Hotel. It's the only grand building around; probably the builders expected Largs Bay to be hugely popular, and it never made it. It looks very out of place all on it's own.
In one of the shops in the shopping centre of Semaphore I photographed this tiled entryway. The grubby footprints made me want to grab a bucket and sponge and make those beautiful patterns gleam. These tiles always look wonderful when they're wet, so that must have been an incentive to clean them, surely...
And the reason we went in the first place? This little beauty, a John Martin's Busy Bee in cabinet. John Martins was a big department store in Adelaide, one of the places to visit on a trip to the city. The cabinet has a retro charm all it's own, as well as being so solidly built it's almost too much for us to move; the machine is a darling, and I've already sewn some blocks on it. The stitch quality is impeccable. I'm looking forward togetting to know her better.


Tazzie 12:00 AM  

My goodness Keryn, what a wonderful treasure! I used to work in John Martins back when I first left school - I have many happy memories there.

sewprimitive karen 3:44 AM  

Wow! What fabulous photos. LOVE the floor. The sewing machine is simply amazing and the cabinet is so gorgeously retro.

Henrietta 4:04 PM  

What a lovely machine and cabinet!

I do enjoy your photo essays. Thank you so much.

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