Monday, August 17, 2009

When Mereth and I walked up to the Post Office this morning we were somewhat surprised to see lots of strange vehicles in the local park, and some very dubious looking men in red skirts hanging around the public toilets. It turned out to be a comfort stop for the Variety WA Great Deserts Bash 2009, which began this morning in Adelaide. They will drive this mad assortment of decorated cars through the outback to Alice Springs, then on to Kalgoorlie and Perth. They looked like they were having fun, with sirens and air horns to announce themselves. These Bashes have been held for decades, and raised loads of money for sick children, and everyone supports them.

What a way to see the country! I particularly liked the Harry Potter car, and this Kombi-van pretending to be a fire-engine was cute.
I hope they all have a great time on their trip, they have a loooong way to go.

And this is my favourite ever Dear Jane block, I adore this one. I want a whole quilt made of these blocks, but not 4.5", more like 9 or 10". I have 63 blocks now, I need 4 more to finish Row D. Once I start on the little blocks I get obsessed and just want to keep making them; pity I have all this work to do instead.


Ann 8:53 AM  

Oh, my husband would just love to do something like the bash. Now if only he could get one of his cars from the US to Australia...

sewprimitive karen 3:53 PM  

Love your DJ block!

Anonymous,  9:44 AM  

I LOVE this Dear Jane block...did you ever finish it? It looks so little! Much patience!

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