Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is the finished object from the weekend that involved glue. It's called an Etui; in January Andrea (Welsh Quilter) showed a picture on her blog of one she had made as a gift. I really, really wanted the pattern, so she sent me a copy, with the designer's permission. And I read the instructions and thought 'So much Gloo-ing! I can't!!' And so the pattern, and all the cut out pieces sat in a drawer for months until I found enough courage to tackle it.I sort of came to terms with the sticky fingers and drips and reeks, but I can't say I enjoyed it much. I kept thinking of ways I could make another one without the glue, because I love the finished item, just not the process of making it. Maybe I could sew it all together.....

It's pretty and just what I needed to keep all my hand sewing stuff in one place, so thank you Andrea, I love it. And I may even make another one soon.

Andrea's daughter Jessica is fundraising for a trip to Africa, and Andrea has donated a lovely quilt to raffle. I have requested a few tickets, and this lovely quilt might be mine. But I never win anything, darn it; guess that makes better odds for everyone else with a ticket.


Vicki W 11:03 AM  

It's really nice and it looks like you handled all that glue beautifully!

Tazzie 2:14 AM  

Just gorgeous Keryn, you've made it up beautifully. Well done for coping so well with all the glue.

Andrea 3:37 AM  

Hurray Keryn - I must say I didn't like the glueing bit either. But it came out lovely and worth the effort. I think your request for a ticket has gone astray somewhere - never received it :-(

QuiltGranma 11:53 AM  

do you remember when fabric postcards were the rage? the stiff "interfacing" used in that could be purchased with or without fuse-able on both sides. I've wondered if that could be used, and fused to create such fun items

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