Friday, June 03, 2011

My DD arrived 2 weeks ago, and there hasn't been time for any sewing or blog-related activites ever since.  It's wonderful to see her, after 4 years apart, I'm so enjoying her company.  Her neat freak tendencies are a blessing, she's organised my kitchen and bedroom, and is eyeing off my ofice area now.  So long as she shows me where everything is I don't care what she does; I'll just go along with the new system.

My sewing area is overwhelming though, so she's not tempted to touch that; with any luck I can spend a few hours in there this weekend and sort out the stacks of fabric and things that have no home.  I've been working non-stop just lately, and I need a good rummage through my things to restore my sanity.

We wondered how Dolly would react to DD Seonaid (we pronounce it Shonnad, which isn't the Gaelic pronunciation, but she's named after a friend of mine and that's how her name was pronounced).  From the moment Seonaid got out of the car Dolly was in love.  I'm just background noise now, it's all about sitting with Seonaid on the couch, or at her feet, or trying to get on her lap.  When we go for walks Dolly trots next to Seonaid, gazing up adoringly. What makes this astonishing is that Dolly is not friendly to anyone normally; after a long acquaintance she might wag her tail for other people, but she won't let anyone touch her.  She just doesn't trust other people; but Seonaid is instant family.  Tha's so cute!

I was going to add a picture or two, but it will have to wait.  I'd forgotten what it was like to have kids around; my internet usage tripled and used up all the monthly quota in a week, which means my service is slowed down, so it's taking forever to load an image; I give up.  I've gone to a higher plan, but it will only take effect from midnight tonight.  Oh well, I will spend today in the sewing room and taking photos, and tomorrow I may actually be able to load them.


Lynley 12:40 AM  

What a wonderful reason not to blog for a while, it sounds like you're having a great time (I'm still waiting for my kids to leave home ...)

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