Monday, January 28, 2013

I didn't mean to have a quiltathon this weekend, it just turned into one.  I was organising and sorting and cleaning up, and then, suddenly, there was a new quilt on the design wall.  I remember thinking that
I would  '..just use up these triangles' and before I knew it there was chaos and uncontrollable sewing.

In my clearing away I uncovered a pile of 6.5" squares, and they were what made me choose to make the little churndash blocks.  I've been moving those squares from container to box to shelf for more than 5 years, and it was time to deal with them.

I finished all the blocks yesterday, 50 of them, and it didn't take me long.  The HST were there already, and so were the squares.  It took about 5 minutes per block to assemble them, but I also cut a few new pieces to put some more colour into the quilt.  I know that's madness, when I was trying to use up the scraps I already had, but I didn't want it to look dingy.  There are 4 blocks leftover, the colours didn't really fit in, so they can go into the orphan pile.
It took nearly all day today to cut the extra setting squares and assemble the blocks into one piece, but I'm really happy with how it looks, just the border to go now.  And look at all the empty containers!

I admit I didn't use up every piece, I just gave what remained to Mereth; she was happy with her little treasures and I was glad to see the empty boxes.  Maybe I should have given them to her at the start of the weekend, it would have meant a lot less work for me.

As leader-enders I used the 16-patches and the pinwheels that I sewed last week.  I made 10 blocks  like the one below, and they can wait for a home in a scrappy sampler quilt.  I'm sick of the sight of them right now, so a deep cupboard shelf is where they are going.
I now have 55 16-patches, it won't take much to finish that quilt; it's scary how many I'm churning out here!  Mind you, I don't sleep much, and there's definitely no housework taking place!  And the sewing room is now a complete shambles, so I will have to start all over again.  I don't think this cleaning up thing is working for me.....


Gypsy Quilter 5:56 AM  

LOL, you're too funny! It would have taken me all weekend just to decide on what colors went together and wam bam, you've gotten a top together. Love the warm and comfy colors. You inspire us all. Thanks for sharing.

Sue SA 12:52 PM  

Ha ha, perhaps you need to get a Obessive Compulsive housekeeper who cleans your sewing room for you! No, only joking that would be too scary someone else moving our piles of fabric...besides they might throw something precious out. I love the fact that you give your scraps to your sister, what a great system. Lucky you like the same fabrics!

Henrietta 8:05 PM  

Inquiring minds want to know, well mine does anyway, what are your pinwheels sitting on?
Your churndash looks delightfully antique.
Maybe I shall send my scraps to Mereth too. :)

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