Saturday, February 23, 2013

Every day that goes past brings moving day closer, and I'm trying to move all the small stuff ahead of time, so that the movers only deal with the large furniture.  Gradually the sewing room is getting emptier, as I ferry unneeded things back to the hall.  It's hard to let go of it though, I like to have everything here in case I need to cut more pieces, or try a new colour combination.  The only fabrics left in the sewing room now are my cream and white FQs, all my madders and greys, some weird large print reproductions and 4 drawers of scraps.  And my project boxes, all 9 of them.

I figure that if I run out of things to sew I can use the scrap drawers and the creams to make blocks at random.  There are the project boxes that I can work though.  I have two prepared kits that I can work on, but that doesn't seem enough somehow.  So today I started kitting up some blocks to go with the leftovers from my Double Anvil quilt, from all the way back in December 2007.

 I had enough pieces for 12 blocks, and the best thing seemed to be to cut some more to make a decent size quilt.  My resolve not to start something new hardly lasted 24 hours, sigh.  But I love the block, and a lot of the pieces were cut anyway, so I'm actually sort of finishing a UFO (even if it wasn't really started at all).

The large print repros were the perfect choice, I'm really happy to have found a place for the ones from the Battle Hymn line.  I love them, but the effect is lost when they're cut into small pieces.
I had to pull out the madder fabric to cut squares, and fell in love all over again with the beautiful fabrics I've collected over the last few years.  The greys from the Metropolitan Fair range will work well with them too.
I've never made a madder quilt, and it's high time I did, I have boxes of them.  On an impluse I decided to cut out another quilt I've had earmarked for these fabrics, and just had to make a test block.  It's from a quilt history book, but I can't remember which one, and they are all up at the hall now.

The block turned out just the way I wanted it to, so now I can go on a cutting spree to kit up at least 20 of them.  I love slicing up piles of fabric, I really enjoy unfolding the fabric and ironing it and cutting the strips and then folding it up again.  It's all very meditative.  And somewhat messy, as piles of fabric appear on every surface.
The madders made me remember a project I started in about 2005, so I dug that out and had a look. 
 55 six inch Sawtooth Stars, the pieces for another 12, and dozens of strips cut for more. 
 I rather think I wanted this to be a medallion quilt, but apart from that I can't recall a single thing about what I was planning to do.  Guess that allows me to do anything I want now.
 I love these madder prints, so rich and luscious.  I'm going to have fun inventing a plan for them.

I'm giving myself till Sunday night to get as much kitted up as possible, and then it's all going back to the hall.  Can't sit here and fiddle with fabric when I should be shifting and lugging and toting.  It would help if I wasn't so distractible.......


Gayle 10:36 AM  

Gorgeous projects you're working one - one thing leads to another, huh? Good luck with the move.....

Sue SA 1:01 PM  

Who doesnt want a fun sewing distraction when they are faced with moving house!

Kathie 2:22 AM  

beautiful blocks, wonderful fabrics
your going to love the book I am going to blog about has a madder quilt in it to die for
its a reproduction of an antique quilt that I am in LOVE with.
I just hope I have enough madders to make it !

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