Monday, February 11, 2013

In the distant mists of time I began a Stack & Whack quilt. 

Well, it was March 2010, but that's three years ago, and an awful lot has happened between then and now.  I made about 30 blocks in a white heat ofexcitement, and then it all got shelved when other things became more important.  In the interests of Finishing Things I pulled out the box of pieces and laid them out on the design wall to consider the possibilities.
INSTANT obsession.  Can't think of anything else until I get this in one piece. 
I wonder how I can have put it away for three years.  It's so much fun!  I've chosen to set the hexagons right next to each other, like a One Block Wonder quilt, and I love how they look, like a kaleidoscope.  I'm enjoying every minute of this.
 I don't own the One Block Wonder book, so I don't know the correct way to do this; I'm just making it up as I go along.  I'd already sewn together a heap of hexagons, so I had to build on them.  I laid out a net of hesagons, leaving spaces to add the unsewn pieces of alternate hexagons.  Then I sewed triangles to the hexagons to make large triangles, and now I'm sewing them into rows.
I will need to be careful to get all the points to intersect properly, but I don't mind.  I want this quilt to hang on the wall, and I"ll look at it constantly, so I want to be very painstaking and do the best job I can.

I had 1 set of pieces left over, which was amazing, seeing as I cut it out with no plan, and only decided what size I wanted it to be once I had the pieces on the design wall.  It's meant to be.

I did put the borders on the scrap Churn Dash, but I have nowhere to take a picture of it, as the design wall is taken up with little pieces that I can't shift.  So there will be a picture of that soon.

Things are happening here again: I've been renting a house since Christmas 2011, as I needed a/c over the summer, and accommodation for family through the year.  Now that this summer is nearly over I can go back to the hall, and concentrate on starting to renovate that.  In order to make room for me to live there, the shed is finally being insulated and lined, and it is going to be the workroom for the Statler.  
It took so long to work out what I wanted to use the shed for, but I'm happy with the decision now.  I was going to live out there, but decided having a dedicated workroom was a better use of the space.  Customers won't need to enter the hall now, so I won't have to deal with people dropping quilts off in my living room anymore. 
There's still so much to be done, but I'm hopeful that it will be done in a month, and the machine shifted before I have to move all my stuff back from the house.  Oh well, it will all get done, it just might not be pretty to watch.


Sue SA 9:49 PM  

The shed will be a great work room and then you will feel like you have signed off for the day when you got into the hall. Easier to start personal sewing if your not surrounded by "work". Keep up the good work!

Stephanie Newman 1:45 AM  

Hard work for you, but it will be worth it. Next house (we are hunting) will have a nice work area for me with lots of natural light. I find now my workspace is oppressive and its hard to keep the mojo flowing when a space isn't working well.

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