Monday, July 15, 2013

Plaid Explosion

First off, let me say that I have never been so glad to be wrong about something.  Telstra DID connect me to ADSL-2, and it IS working, and I am so relieved and happy about that.  It is such a relief to be able to get my email and answer it, without my connection failing several times.  And now I can watch YouTube videos, and download stuff, and upload lots of photos in my blogposts.  Happy Happy.  I still have to wade through 1500 emails that built up in my absence, but I'm getting through them slowly.  What a coincidence that my Word of the Year was Connect; in the internet sense, I'm well connected.

I cleaned up my sewing room, packed away the madder scraps and fabric drawers, folded the quilt top and hung it on a clothes airer; I'm not ready to put it away in a drawer just yet, I love looking at it and admiring the colours.  Also, I have to find a backing for it, so I'm leaving it out to remind me to do that.

An empty design wall makes me slightly delerious with all the possibilities;  but I was strong willed, and faithfully put up all the Log Cabin blocks so that I could Work On Them.  Make Some Progress!

But then I thought, hmmmm, maybe I don't want this to be a big quilt.  I like the look of those 12 big blocks, just like they are. Maybe I want this to be two single bed quilts, with pieced borders; not the same borders, maybe squares on point for one, and triangles for another? So I was instantly paralysed with that decision, and needed to think on it some more.

To help me make up my mind, I cut up all my plaid material.  Sigh......
It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I blame Accuquilt; the Go cutter made it so simple, I was hypnotised by how quickly the piles of FQs became piles of pieces.  I didn't attempt to minimise the waste, or save anything precious; I just cut it all up.

All I wanted to do was feed more fabric through, and add to this snowstorm of triangles.  The blocks are so cute though, I just had to make some, and then I went and cut up even more fabric.
I think I overdid it a bit, but I really wanted to just get rid of all the plaid I'd been storing for years, and never used.  All this time I've been promising myself a plaid quilt, and this it IT.  Once it's done, I won't have much left at all, and that's OK.
 Some of these lengths will go into the backing and border.
These scraps will be chopped up for the scrap bins.
These are a few FQs that I didn't think would look wonderful in the quilt I had in mind, but I just may include them anyway; or store them in the main stash drawers.
 If I can survive all this time without using the plaid I have, then I'll survive just fine without any plaid at all.


Diane-crewe 12:34 AM  

SO glad that you were proved wrong!! sometimes it DOES come right.. like cutting your fabric, you are now a step closer to having your quilt xx love log cabin xx

Sandy 10:55 AM  

Wow, you are brave! I too have an overabundance of plaids, and I really like the blocks you're making. Unfortunately, I do not own an Accu-quilt cutter. or maybe that;s a good thing?? I'd be in danger of feeding my entire stash thru the thing LOL!

Nancy 9:22 PM  

Your log cabin quilt is beautiful. How large are the blocks? It's hard to tell. I think you're very brave to cut up all your plaids. It looks like you had a lot! I like the blocks you're making with them. I'll look forward to seeing your progress.

Rose 10:23 AM  

You are making a beautiful quilt. I've thought about purchasing an Accuquilt. Don't you have to keep buying die cuts for the different shapes? By the way, I live in Omaha where the Accuquilt headquarters is. How's that for a coincidence.

Karen 4:42 PM  

All those plaids have me drooling. I love plaids for quilts.

the ark 12:14 PM  

So happy to welcome you to the
21st century! Now you can join the rest of us who are whiling away the hours (days?!) with all the quilty online goodness!
Love everything about your blog (except I need you and your sis to post more often)!

Michelle 7:54 PM  

Which dies are you using? This block is darling and I would like to try it with my Go.

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