Friday, February 14, 2014

Looks like we're in for a week of cool weather, most unlike our usual February temperatures.  No-one is complaining, we're just grateful that the rain has stopped the fire progressing, and now the fire-fighters will be able to get into the burn area and put out smouldering trees.  The job isn't finished yet, but Mother Nature is making it easier, thank heavens.

I feel like a wrung out dishcloth; once I recover from the prolonged heatwave I know I'll be going full steam ahead, but right now I'm beat.  The garden is too wet to work outside, and I haven't got the energy to shift furniture or anything strenuous, so I think I'm going to concentrate on the handwork on one of my oldest UFOs.  

I started this sampler of 7.5" blocks in 1984, when I was working at a piggery in Biloela.  (That's pronounced Bill-O-Weela; Australia specialises in weird placenames.) 
I worked with these guys in the day, and sewed at night.
I was one and half hours away from my home in Rockhampton, living alone in a caravan;  there were lots of hours on my own to fill, and various hand-worked patchwork projects were just the thing.  This one languished unfinished, because I had to draft up the triangles around the edges.
 Back then it was a chore to draft anything that size, I could never find cardboard or plastic big enough, and I just never got round to it.  I've considered pitching this project many times, but didn't; now it's time to get it done.  30 years in the making!
I still had the fabrics in the stash, that shows how deep my stash drawers are. That big floral is a later fabric, from the '90s, but it fits the colour scheme perfectly.   I should have the triangles added today, and the borders will take no time at all.  It will be wonderful to see this in one piece, and to get it quilted at last.

I've been sewing on the Chain blocks in between other chores, every little bit helps.  I have all the blocks done, except for the major seams in 7 of the checkerboard blocks, and I may be able to do that this evening. 
I can't wait to put these blocks up on the design wall and start sewing them into rows.  It's been a big project, but the end is in sight.

However, I just may abandon all my plans and put the dogs in the car and go for a walk on the beach.  I love the seaside in cloudy weather, and the dogs haven't been for a walk for weeks. The quilting will be here when we get back.....


Sue SA 2:14 PM  

There definitely should be an award for finishing 30 year old UFO's! Love the colours. Hope you fit in a walk on the beach while the weather is outdoor friendly.

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