Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My word for 2014 is Transform.  I want to transform my fabric and UFOs into finished quilt tops, and then some of those tops into actual quilts.  I want to transform the workroom into a functional, streamlined place to work; at the moment it's a bit disorganised and cluttered.  I want to transform the garden into an easy to maintain area.  The bookshelves need to become an ordered array of resources I can easily find.  Everywhere I look I see things that could do with a bit of transformation.  All those makeover shows on TV rely on Transforming the old stuff into a wonderful new creation, and that's always an exciting thing to be involved with.  I hope I can get suitably enthusiastic about transforming my home and garden and possessions too.

I certainly transformed the 8 blocks of this UFO.  I'm so glad I didn't give up on them, because I had the best time making new ones, and putting the whole top together.

 It was a delight to stitch these old fabrics, and they brought back so many memories.

 I ransacked the stash looking for my oldest fabrics to include, and it didn't matter if I used up every last skerrick of a treasured scrap; I figured there was no better quilt for it to be in.
Then, to border it, I used a French General fabric from a few years ago, from the Pom Pom de Paris range.
 A quilt is always dated by the most modern fabric in it, so this has to be circa 2010, but the rest of it is firmly in the last century.  I just love it.

 The number of blocks for the Triple Irish Chain continues to grow, but slowly.  There's just so much piecing in these, it would take a lot of dedication on my part to sit and sew them continuously.  They are being used as leader-enders, and occasionally I'll sew several of them in one go, but I don't want to race through them.  I'm less than halfway, but there are still lots of nine-patches and pieces, it will be a while before I have to cut more.  It's not like me to be patient with a project, but I have to admit it's much more relaxing to sew things slowly, instead of madly racing to be finished.
My indigos are calling to me.  I don't think I can hold out much longer......


Sue SA 12:42 PM  

Great churn dash blocks, so nice to see all your favorite fabrics transformed into a top. Great word for the year, it seems to fit all your needs!

Jan 1:32 PM  

Sweet pink Churn Dash, and I love the progress on your Irish Chain. It will be smashing!

Sandy 10:15 AM  

I think its healthy to have a slow, ongoing project with no specific rush, such as your Irish Chain. I agree it would be drudgery to try to power through this type of piecing. The leader/ender strategy is perfect. And whenever you do finish it, it will feel so much more satisfying. It's going to be a stunning quilt, btw!

Your Churn Dash is so special, with all your older much-loved scraps. I have many of those fabrics in my own stash! Doesn't it warm your heart when you look at them, put to use in that quilt? Will you hand quilt this one?

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