Sunday, March 12, 2006

Don and I had a holiday this weekend, just staying at home and relaxing. Only went to two open houses; alas, one was perfect but beyond the budget right now. Isn't that always the way?

We've had rain for nearly a week, and in the tropics that means one thing - Mosquitos!! We can't go outside without being attacked by droves of the little horrors. So no yard work for a while. Fortunately these mozzies late in the season tend to be dopey little sods, they just sit there and let you swat them; I hate the ones that bite and run. They spread several nasty diseases, so they're not a trivial menace at all.

I worked on my Christmas quilt, and the outer border surprised me. It was meant to be tan-brown, but the pink just threw itself in front of the rotary cutter. I had to fiddle with the little border of vining leaves, because I didn't want to turn the 45 degree corner with 60 degree diamonds. I'm pleased with how I dealt with the corner, and I'll be using this decorative border again; it's one of my favourite designs in marquetry too. And the instructions will end up on the website as soon as I get a chance to update it. I have the photos already, how's that for Boy Scout thinking?

I had to brave the mozzies for this picture, and I couldn't stand them long enough to get a good shot. This is the best I could do.

I'm starting to think luxuriously of the next project, and it may be something quilted and little. I'm thinking of this cot-size quilt that I made last year. I saw the original on Ebay, and thought it was a dear little pattern to use up odds and sods. I'd like to do a bed-sized one with less contast in the background triangles. How come every quilt I make spawns another variation? I'm going to have to satisfy myself with virtual quilts in future.

I have a workshop to teach in a neighbouring town on Wednesday, which I'm looking forward to. It's nice to get out of town and meet new people and talk patchwork to like-minded souls. I love teaching machine quilting, because I show people how to finish their UFOs; my workshop doesn't create another one, as so many do.

I realised a while ago that I am not good at doing workshops as a student. I cannot make decisions in a hurry, I never bring the right material and I simple cannot use the wrong material, and I nearly always question the methods and technique. Several tutors have become exasperated with me over the years. It's kinder to everyone if I don't go. I love to learn from books anyway, with all my stuff spread around.

I went to a LQS that is having a sale last week, and Miss Bonnie came with me, as a voice in my head saying, "Only buy for the quilts that you are making Now!" Alas, it didn't work. I think she's going to have to reach out and slap me next time. I have 7 metres of fabric that I didn't have before.....


Linda_J 7:03 PM  

Both quilts look wonderful, Keryn!

Interesting border design on the Double V

mereth 11:42 PM  

I thought you told me that red and green top was dull and boring and you hated it? It certainly looks great now, I think that little border has elevated it to another plane.

I hope you were thinking of your poor little deprived sister when you bought the 7 metres of fabric? Bearing in mind that I am going to share my book stash with you.....

keryn 12:27 AM  

What can I say? I have questionable judgement halfway through a project. I loathed it right up until I laid that pink out as the border....

Cough up with the books and you'll see some fabric.

cher 7:34 PM  

love the sisterly comments-sounds like my sister and me ..though she doesn't quilt-yet! love the quilts...Keryn-especially that clever border - nicely done!

Finn 12:37 PM  

Great job on that border...makes a great addition to the quilt. I also like the little one you saw on ebay..and agree, less contrast would be better in those triangles.

Loretta 5:52 PM  

Love, love, love your Christmas quilt. What is the pattern???

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