Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve

 I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful Christmas. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, then I hope you have a lovely time too. I'm off to spend some time with the family; Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.


21 finishes for 2021

 Here are the tops I managed to finish this year.

Antique blocks, Carolina Chain, Meadow, Autum Sisters, Scrap Chain. 

25 patch, blue Boxy Stars, blue mini star, red and brown Boxy Stars, Floral Stack'n'whack. 

Bricks and Stepping Stones, Granny Squares, Log Cabin and 2 Urban Abacus tops. 

Tulip, Paintbox, Spinning Rectangles. 

Madder Stars, Double 4patch, 2 & 4.

Not a bad effort. Here's to a productive and happy 2022.



The 2&4 top is finished, and it's my 21st finish for 2021.

I was going to put borders on it, but then decided it was a nice size for a couch quilt just the way it is.

Of course I have leftovers, but they are like a starter kit for another one of these, so I'm just packing them away for a while, till I acquire some more red and blue scraps.

This is my spreadsheet for the year. I only managed to quilt one top, which is pretty sad, but there was so much going on that I didn't get near the machine. I did quite a few customer quilts, but my own tops continue to stockpile.

I'm not going to continue to up the game each year (30 tops in 2030?), but I think my goal for 2022 is 22 finishes, be they tops or quilts or pillows or slipcovers. I really would like to quilt some of my favourite tops at last.


Thursday, December 23, 2021

 Christmas is upon us once more, and it totally snuck up on me. Of course I've been aware of it's approach, but I'm still stunned that it's now 2 days away. I refuse to get my knickers in a twist about gift-giving and buying too much food, and rushing from place to place. 

I went down to Adelaide 10 days ago, and babysat while Shonny ran various Christmas related errands without the boys. Then it was Isla's last day of school, and that was momentous. A whole year of school, done and dusted. Looking back at the photos I'm taken aback at how young she was. She was only 4 for the whole of the first term, such a tiny thing.

I brought Isla back with me for a visit to the Pirie relatives, and that was a great success. Even if I forgot to get a picture of them all together. 

It had it's moments, with 4 little girls arguing over various things, but we managed to sort everything out. There was a brief tussle over who would have the pink plate at each meal, but Isla decided that she could be the bigger person and let one of the twins have it. I always say, 'Pick your battles', and she opted to let that one go. Very mature, lol.

We did some sewing and made Christmas ornaments from felt and card and perle cotton, and it was a wonderful visit. Seonaid appreciated just having two boys, and I loved having just Isla. 

Once Isla had been dropped back home I could go back to what I was sewing 2 weeks ago.

Lots more QSTs, just experimenting with fabrics to see what will work best in these little units. 

I'm working on the red and white ones, I'd like to have all those kitted up, and then I can play around and amass the others over time. I'm making them a tiny bit bigger and trimming them down to size. My eyesight is getting worse, and it's just easier for me to be trimming things down right now.

I'm stalled at 20 tops for this year, and I just need one more to make my goal of 21 in 2021. The 2&4 project is the one I'm most likely to complete, so I'm working on that fairly frequently. I need to cut more red and white 2.5" squares, so I'll tackle that first thing this morning. Then it's just a matter of getting all those blocks in one piece and deciding if it needs a border. I'll probably be staying in Adelaide for the week between Christmas and New Year, so I want to have this done before I leave. That's about the only pressure I'm willing to deal with right now.


Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Another Start

I couldn't resist drawing that British quilt in EQ8, to work out what size those QSTs should be. The original quilt used a 3" Hourglass block, and the quilt measured 93". That's too big for my bed, so I needed to find a size that worked better for me.

2.25" gives a 74" quilt, and 2.5" ones make a 82" quilt. 

An 82" quilt would make a full bedspread on my double bed, which is fine, but I need to see both sizes of QSTs before I make a decision. The smaller ones can be cut from a 3.5" square, so I could use strips from the scrap drawers. The bigger ones I would have to cut from a 3.75" square, so I would have to cut all new strips for that.

I made up a few last night to see which I prefer.  The blocks are made of the smaller Hourglasses, and there are 3 in the 2.5" size underneath.  I still can't decide, so I'll have to ponder it for a few more days. It will definitely be a long term project, so no need to rush into it. 

The original quilt was quite easy to draft up, the little Hourglass blocks are set in groups of nine. If I just concentrate on making the blocks for a quarter of the design it will go quickly, then I can focus on the next quarter or have a rest from it. I'm going to have to keep the value of the Hourglass blocks lighter than the red ones so that red crosses show up against them. I will probably end up with a few rejects; some fabrics that I always thought of as mid toned looked too dark when pieced. Some fabrics that I always regarded as light looked quite dark when chopped small and put with a paler fabric. 

I've always thought this print was really light, but it actually works really well as a medium value in these little blocks.

It's a good thing that Hourglasses are one of my favourite blocks to make.


Saturday, December 04, 2021

A Busy Day

I started the day in the workroom, quilting a customer quilt. I don't do many these days, because I'm away so much, but we need to clear the decks before Christmas, so that we can do some of our own quilts over the break.

The neutrals are very pleasing, it all went smoothly.

While that was stitching, I was putting borders on the Scrap Chain. I was good and measured and pinned; usually I just sew the strips on, but this was so heavily pieced that I wanted to make sure the borders  were right. 

Sewing, sewing, sewing, in between attending to the quilt on the Statler.

And now it's finished. It just won't photograph properly, it looks all washed out but it's not in real life.

The border is an ancient floral, a Nancy Gere one I think.  It's looks beige in the big photo, but it's actually a greeny-tan.  The phone camera doesn't get the colour right, and if I spend time fiddling with it then I won't be doing any sewing while I try to work it out. Near enough is good enough.
On my coffee break I flicked through some books and was taken with this British quilt. That's a lot of QSTs, but it would be a good way to use up some strange fabrics I have. I've got them set aside for an 1800s, English style medallion. I think they'd work in this really well. I just need to find a red for the blocks that make up the cross, and work out the size QST I need. I don't fancy making a 93" square quilt like the original, so I'd better have a play in EQ8. I would add that it would be a good leader-ender, but we all know how those go in my sewing room.....


Thursday, December 02, 2021

A little diversion

 Last night I was getting the fan for the sewing room pulled out of storage, because all of a sudden it's HOT, when I spied a plastic box that I hadn't opened in years. Wot's in there? I wondered.

It was full of bits from a giant scrap project from 2005, when I cut most of my 'not-good' stash into 1.5" strips and sewed 9 quilts in various patterns of my own devising. It took months, and of course I didn't really love the quilts because they were made of fabric I didn't really like, so I sold all of them. Now I wonder why I didn't just sell the fabric and spend those months sewing quilts I loved. 

Anyway, I sorted out all these bits and pieces, resisted the urge to sew them into blocks and start another scrap-disaster, and spent the evening joining the 4.5" & 3.5" bits together to make piano key lengths. 

I should have measured what I rolled onto the cardboard tube, but it was 5 lengths of my ironing board, so a fair length. 

It's going into the basket containing the scrap strippy quilt I started in March this year. Looking at these fabrics I think they may have been genuine scraps, there are some old favourites in there.

There's a heap of these little 2.5" units to sew into blocks, which I'll do soon. I'm thinking YUK when I look at these, but the fabrics aren't that hideous, it's just the way I put them together. I'm very much in favour of planned scrap quilts, I'm never happy when I try to do random scrappy.  

These blocks aren't doing it for me, definitely made from some unloved fabrics, but I'll put them in with the orphan blocks for now.  And there were some blocks that were so ugly I put them in the bin. Done and dealt with. 16 years is long enough for anything to lurk in a cupboard. You can't rescue everything.

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