Thursday, April 01, 2021

I've been working on taming the strips offcuts, and this is where I"m up to.  

 It measures 66" x 38" so far, and I've used up all the darker bits. I have lighter strips, but they don't look right when I put them with this pink fabric, so they will have to have a project of their own.
I really liked the look of the very light bits edge to edge, so I sewed them together. The seam allowances weren't too horrible to press, so I'm thinking I'll go on just adding more strips.  It might make a cushion cover, or I might expand it into an actual quilt, can't tell just yet.  But I"m really glad that both these projects give me an excuse to keep saving every last skerrick of fabric. They'll go away in a box until I've accumulated more pieces.

My modern print projects are all sitting there waiting for me, but my repros are calling me. I decided that I liked a positive/negative layout for the little blocks I'm using as leader-enders.  I was going to make a chain quilt like Mereth's
but changed my mind. I'd already sewn some together in sets of four, but I could make more and set them with some of my precious yardage that I'm still trying to use up.
Not this though, it's too pale.  I'll keep looking.

I still have a few kitted up, but I need to cut more, now that I seem to be making two quilts.  Today I'll go through my strip drawers first and see what I can cut from there.  After that I just might dig into the yardage and have some fun with my favourites fabrics.

What do we do with this boy?  He loves getting around with this toy basket on his head. It was funny when he was crawling, but now he's trying to run, and he's not very good at that yet, even without a basket obscuring his vision. I think we need to hide the basket and get him a helmet.....


Unknown 9:32 AM  

I really love what you're doing with the small pieces. I have many set aside in a plastic bin. Leftovers from trimming up.

On a recent trip to the trash place; however, I did take all of the very small shreds and strings. There were a total of 3 bags, enough for someone to stuff some pillows with. Cleaning out something, even just 3 bags, felt good.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

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