Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I'm always cautious about how much of my private life I share on the blog, so I'll just say that the last two weeks have been a very sad time for our family.  Shonny's dad was diagnosed last year with lung cancer, just after a trip down to visit Isla.  A week after Shonny finished work we were flying up to Rockhampton to say goodbye to him.  He and I stayed good friends, and I was glad to go back, to help with Isla and feed all the family and friends that gathered. It's been devestatingly sad, and Isla was the only bright spot for all of us.  We came home on Saturday, and a day later he was gone.  I'm so glad that we have photos and videos of Isla with her grandad; I just wish she could have grown up with him in her life. He was an extraordinary man.

I'll be in my sewing room for a couple of days, finding comfort amongst all my projects. The sweet, calm monotony of sewing fabric together is a great healer.

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