Friday, April 29, 2022

April sewing progress

I worked really, really hard at getting the Boxy Bowties in one piece.

All the blocks were sewn, and then two sewing sessions were needed to get them sashed together. I was a bit tired after that, ready to have a rest before I started auditioning border choices. I meant to take a leisurely look at my UFOs to see what I would tackle next, but.....


I seem to have started another project, very spur of the moment. I read on Gretchen's blog that she was starting a Blue Ridge Beauty quilt, and that suddenly seemed like a really good idea to me. The pattern is in Bonnie's book, Adventures With Leaders and Enders.

I've been going through my charm squares lately, trying to find a use for every last one.  I had a lot of these cream large florals, and darker blues; they seemed made for this pattern.

The four-patches are going to be made of the light blues and ├Żellowy creams that I pass over whenever I'm choosing fabrics.

I even pulled out some of my treasured layer cake blues; got to use them sometime.

Mereth and I visited a little craft shop in a nearby town, and the only thing that tempted me was a pack of blue samples. These were cut up straight away for the new project, so I didn't even add them to the fabric tally for the year.

I'm pleased that I've found a use for these random charm squares at long last. And I think it's going to be a very fresh, pretty quilt when it's finished.


Sunday, April 17, 2022

Time to finish this project

I still haven't pressed that seam on the british quilt. It's not going anywhere, so there's no rush. I need a colour fix.

The Boxy Bowties are getting my attention.  They seem to have been around forever, and while it's nice having them as a Leader-ender project, I'm ready to be done with them.  I started them late October 21, so it's 6 months; that's a long time for a leader-ender around here.

I have 30 blocks, and I need 42.  That little basket contains the quarters for 6 blocks; I cut out the final 6 blocks, and now I'll work on them exclusively until I have all the blocks done, and can arrange them on the design wall. I need to go through the strip drawers and find a whole lot of 1.5" strips, and I'll cut some more with the Accucut. It should really clean the scrap stash out.

I've already chosen the replacement leader-ender project, but it won't stay in the background for long, it's going to demand centre stage. I won't devote a lot of time to it till I get the current 2 projects finished, but it will be my incentive.

The Antique Cross quilt is quilted, and I'm very happy with how this panto turned out.

 I'm calling it Flower Arches; it looks a bit traditional, a bit like sashiko. I think it will become one of my favourites.

Love that texture. I'm dragging my feet on the customer quilt though, I'll have to make myself do that tomorrow. It will all be done before I go back to Adelaide on Wednesday.


Friday, April 15, 2022

This heap of fabric is the British quilt, after I sewed that last seam.

It's a big pile of piecing, and I am very relieved to have it done. I haven't found the courage to iron it yet, that will take quite a bit of time and patience, so it's just sitting on the ironing board for now. I'll get round to it sometime this weekend.

Mereth found a piece of fabric in her stash that should work well for the borders, so I will tackle that sometime soon

I've been working down the shop all this week, sorting, organizing, quilting. I'm determined to claim it as my workspace, with things set out the way I want and the workflow as efficient as I can make it. I've quilted 3 quilts of my own, which is really gratifying, and the next top on the machine will be a customer quilt.
This Many Trips Around The World is a Bonnie Hunter pattern, of course. Her version is named Scrappy Trips, and it's a favourite of mine, I've made 3 versions. I seem to have made quite a few of her patterns over the years.

The Antique Cross is stitching away right now, if I apply myself I might be able to get that and the customer quilt finished today. I'm not known for my speed though.
Well the customer quilt didn't get done. I had a long video call with Seonaid and her kids, and Rhys and his family. Why are we video calling, instead of sitting together in Seonaid's loungeroom?

 Covid. Seonaid, Isla and Thomas all have it for sure, and Finn might but he absolutely would not let anybody put anything up his nose. Seonaid took them all for testing on Monday, and Rhys and Naomi had to cancel their flights. I am so disappointed at not seeing Theo, we were going to celebrate Easter, and Rhys and Isla's birthdays. 

The scary thing is that I was supposed to be down there last weekend, but there was a last minute change of plans. I would have got it too, and with my dodgy health I would be in real trouble. I feel like becoming a hermit some days, but I'm also not willing to never see the grandkids. I don't know what the answer is. I'll keep quilting while I ponder life's strange ways.


Sunday, April 10, 2022

We continue to plug away at setting up the workspace, and it's slowly coming together. Our ironing table is in place and working well.

The blue-green Scrappy Bargello is from Bonnie Hunter's pattern; it was finished in September 2015, and it was high time to get it quilted.

It's still fun to watch Millhouse at work; even though he's computerised, he needs monitoring to make sure that he's stitching properly.

The next top is prepped and ready to load, and I'm ahead of my goal to have one top a month quilted; this makes 5.. Mereth is having a family-centric weekend, and I'm making the most of having the machine to myself. The customer quilts will take over next week, but I'll be in Adelaide with my own family get-together.

This may look like every other photo I've posted of this project, but there's one major difference. It's almost in one piece, just one last seam to join the two halves. It's a long seam, and I've had enough for now, so it can wait. That's probably why I'm quilting instead of sewing, just to avoid having to pin that 60" seam. Then it will be time to work out how to do the borders; I don't think my stash is going to be adequate, so I might have to visit a couple of quilt shops and see what's available.

The border on the original quilt is quirky, to say the least.

I'm not having much luck finding a lozenge material like this; 

this is the closest I've found, and I don't have enough. 

I'm right for those big red Broken Dishes blocks, but I have to decide if I'll make the pale ones like that, or if I'll choose a fabric that shows up better, And will I tip the blocks randomly? Knowing me, I'll have to make it symmetrical.

So it's probably going to sit like this for a while, while I cogitate over my choices. 


Saturday, April 02, 2022

Getting Closer

Oh my giddy aunt, as Mum used to exclaim. How come this table always ends up looking like this?
It's bound to happen when there is lots of cutting and piecing happening, on more than one project. I took a deep breath, fetched my tall chair to sit on, and sorted it all out in comfort.
Everything is put away where it should be, and the only thing left out are the 3.5"strips to cut the last of the Hourglass blocks.
I had a mad wave of compulsion, and decided I needed to get the British quilt closer to completion. I sewed many, many Hourglass units into blocks of nine, and that's when I discovered I'd either miscounted, or misplaced, about 50 blocks. Hence the strips left out to cut some more. I don't care if I make too many, I have that other quilt in mind for them, so they won't go to waste.

At this stage, I'm very confident that this won't end up as a UFO. I have 8 more blocks to finish, and then the big 9" Broken Dishes blocks in the border.  I've had such fun with this, and it's cleared out a huge pile of dingy grey scraps.

As much as I love it, I'm ready for some colour in my next project. I cut some bright scraps up for the Boxy Bowties, which was refreshing, but not enough. 
I think I'll have a colour tantrum once I'm done with the greys, and make something outrageously bright. It will be fun to see a colour-happy design wall at last.

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