Saturday, April 02, 2022

Getting Closer

Oh my giddy aunt, as Mum used to exclaim. How come this table always ends up looking like this?
It's bound to happen when there is lots of cutting and piecing happening, on more than one project. I took a deep breath, fetched my tall chair to sit on, and sorted it all out in comfort.
Everything is put away where it should be, and the only thing left out are the 3.5"strips to cut the last of the Hourglass blocks.
I had a mad wave of compulsion, and decided I needed to get the British quilt closer to completion. I sewed many, many Hourglass units into blocks of nine, and that's when I discovered I'd either miscounted, or misplaced, about 50 blocks. Hence the strips left out to cut some more. I don't care if I make too many, I have that other quilt in mind for them, so they won't go to waste.

At this stage, I'm very confident that this won't end up as a UFO. I have 8 more blocks to finish, and then the big 9" Broken Dishes blocks in the border.  I've had such fun with this, and it's cleared out a huge pile of dingy grey scraps.

As much as I love it, I'm ready for some colour in my next project. I cut some bright scraps up for the Boxy Bowties, which was refreshing, but not enough. 
I think I'll have a colour tantrum once I'm done with the greys, and make something outrageously bright. It will be fun to see a colour-happy design wall at last.


Unknown 12:47 AM  

In regard to the "mess" in your sewing room
What mess?? We are artists and are creating!

Chookyblue...... 3:12 AM  

It's it funny no matter hope much you love a coke palette sometimes you need to completely change after making a quilt.....I love that we can create so much choice, look and style from fabric.....

QuiltGranma 2:30 AM  

a messy area means an artist at work. Do not complain but be joyful that you are not stuck in the doldrums, not doing anything but rehashing all the projects you have, in your head, and unable to move forward due to the overload of them. The mess is a celebration of progress, which I can see you are doing!

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