Friday, October 22, 2010

Long time, no blog.  Things got very hectic after the AMQF at the start of the month; on the last day of the festival I found out that I have to move house, so ever since then Mereth and I have been packing and shifting, toting and carrying, lugging boxes and hauling furniture. The end is in sight though, and we might have a lazy day today.

Life has been constant upheaval for many months; first there was Mereth's shift, which is now almost complete.  Now I'm shifting.  And our bother and sister-in-law moved over from Western Austalia, and have been decluttering their house, which seems to involve giving us what they don't want; when DB arrives on the doorstep with a trailer full of stuff we have to stop what we're doing and rush to help unpack.

And where are we going?  I always knew that I woud have to leave this place one day, when our friends came back, so I had the foresight to buy a place that could take Millhouse.  Two years ago I bought the Freemason's Lodge, which is a gigantic hall, just two blocks down from where I live now.

It's only two rooms, so Millhouse will be set up in the back, and I will live in the front room.

There is loads of space, so it won't be too bad, and it will only be until I can get planning approval for a house on the land next door.
I've lived in caravans before this, and student accommodation, and single rooms, so a 6m x 7m room won't be too cramped.  And I'll finally realise a longheld dream and get to actually sleep in my sewing room!  I bet I'll have to move the fabric off my bed first.

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