Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A whole month has gone past since my last post, how slack!  I do like to post interesting photos of my progress on various projects, and there just isn't any progress happening,  so nothing to blog about.  Except work and work and work.

DD Seonaid made a quick trip home, which was lovely, but I failed to get even a single photo while she was here.  We were too busy taking the dogs for walks, shopping, visiting and watching movies late into each night.  Good times anyway, even without photographic evidence.

I've also spent a lot of time in the garden, planting and repotting and making shade structures to protect the plants from the summer sun.  It's hard work now, but it will pay off later when I don't have to water everything so frequently.
I made two wicking beds, which are working brilliantly, and I have plans for two more. One is full of jalpenos, and the other has dwarf beans and tomatoes, silverbeet, spring onions and peppers.  I have a few more poly pipe shade structures to build, And then it will be summer and too hot to work outside so I will have to start sewing again.

Yesterday I made myself sew most of the remaining blocks of the Honeycomb quilt, and it's nearing completion.
My attention span is waning, sewing the same block 300 times.  I still like it, but I'm ready to move onto something else.  With any luck, there are only a few more hours of work ahead, and then I can sew all the rows together and call it done.  I will have to have a major clean up of all the stacks of fabric in the sewing room, and cut all the scraps down into useable pieces.  It will be therapeutic to restore order to my workspace.
What will I work on next?  Something with a bit of variety, but not anything difficult.  Maybe it's time to start something plaid, like JulieK; her quilt is massive, very spectacular. I think she's the Queen of Plaid.  If I made something like that it would certainly whittle my plaids down to manageable proportions.

I'm wondering if  I should do Bonnie's Orca Bay mystery; I might make a few units of each step, so I can have fun sewing along with everyone else, but not commit to a big quilt that I might not have time to finish.

I love these cheerful little Johnny-Jump-Ups, they have been flowering for months.  They self seed, so they'll be back next year too. It's wonderful when plants come up all by themselves, and don't need to be looked after. 

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