Monday, June 03, 2019

Progress on two projects

There has been some productive time in the sewing room lately, which is very pleasing.  It only happened because I limited my computer time; it's so easy to check blogs and follow interesting links, until all your free time has been frittered away. So I allowed myself a few minutes in the morning to catch up on my favourites, then it was into the sewing room to actually get something done.

There were piles of fabric everywhere, waiting for pieces to be cut for the latest projects, and piles to be put away in the stash drawers.  I decided to have a massive cutting day first, so that the ironed fabric could be put away, or used up entirely.  That resulted in a lot of triangles for the Country Cousin quilt, so I have plenty of variety to finish them.  But in the midst of this mad cutting spree I realised I had absolutely no idea how many I needed, so it was off to EQ8 to decide on the finished number of blocks,

While I was there I roughed out what I wanted for the little Puss In The Corner blocks, because I was flying blind on that one too. Then I printed out a copy of each to file in the project box with the pieces.  That really helped me work out what I needed to cut and kit, so it was time well spent.

Turns out I need 72 of the Country Cousin blocks, so I got to work packaging the pieces in ziplock bags.  When I was tired of that I sewed some blocks together, and now I have 38 on the design wall.
I have 27 kitted, so just a few more left to package up, and then I can pack all the leftovers for the next quilt.
I have an idea for that, just need to let it simmer for a while.
The Puss In The Corner blocks are mounting up; there are blocks with light centres, and blocks with dark centres.  I have 60 of each, and I need to keep track of the numbers so I don't end up with too many of one and not enough of the other. 
I need another 30 of the dark centres, and 50 of the light centres.  That seems like a lot, but I can make 10 at a time easily, so it won't take too long.  I have them kitted up and in various stages of completion, so all I have to do is grab them and sew.

I'm hoping that this extra time spent organising will help me achieve a lot more in the time that I have at home.  I feel a lot more enthusiastic about sewing now that the mess is under control, and I'm glad to see the blocks going up on the wall.  Progress at last!

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