Thursday, May 21, 2020

Wow, 7 weeks have gone by in a flash, and I spent most of that time with the family in Adelaide.  I managed 2 five-day visits home though, so I have quilt progress to report.

The Japanese Cross quilt is finished and in the quilting queue.  I like how it turned out, and those seam allowances weren't too bad to deal with. Of course there were leftover pieces, and they became another donation quilt.
It needs a border, which will probably be the same grey green as the Japanese Cross, and then that can be added to the tally of finished tops for this year.

I've been jumping all over the place in the sewing room,emptying scrap drawers and cutting up  smaller lengths of fabric, trying to get everything put away where it should be.  It's going to take a lot more effort to get things sorted; I'm dealing with months of neglect, and I've added to the stash, so I'm not sure if the fabric will even have a home.  

Mereth found me another stack of the drawers we use for our fabric, so some of the overflow will be housed there. Of course this size drawer is no longer available, which made this op-shop find so much sweeter. They are just the right size for 2 rows of FQs, the newer drawers are smaller, or much deeper, which is just wasted space as far as FQs go.Here in Australia we don't have so many resources for storage products.
It was much easier when I just had a reproduction stash.  Now I have moderns, pretties, Kaffe, batiks and solids as well. Plus all my vintage fabric and flannel.  It's a challenge to get it organised so that I can find stuff when I need it.  But I think that challenge is keeping my mind occupied, and helping me deal with all the stresses of life in a pandemic.  Here in South Australia we have no active cases, our borders are closed, and restrictions are set to be lifted at the end of the week. So I feel pretty safe now, but we can't go on being cut off from the rest of Australia and the world.

These little darlings are definitely keeping me focused on the important things right now.
Everyone is happy and healthy,  Finn had tongue tie surgery last month, and is a much happier little boy.  He's sleeping through the night, at 3 months, which we think is pretty amazing, and has continued his spectacular weight gains. Isla went back to kindy, with no drama.  Thomas continues to be his rambunctious self, and is busy earning his nickname of "Biggest 1-year-old in the World".  He's grown out of most of his size 2 clothes, and will have to have a winter wardrobe of size 3s. Here's hoping Finn gets to wear some of the clothes that his big brother grew out of so quickly.

I will probably settle back into the same routine as last year, spending 2 or 3 days a week in Adelaide to help out, and the rest of the time at home. I need to spend time just sitting in my sewing room and remembering where I was when life went all topsy-turvy. And making a plan for what's going to happen next.  Lots more quilting, I hope.

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