Sunday, June 19, 2022

Where was I?

Oh my wordy lordy me! Where have the last 5 weeks gone?. Life has been so hectic, it's all gone by in a blur. No time for blogging, obviously.

Seonaid is in the last weeks of her college course, with three huge assessments due. I've been spending time down there, helping with the kids, while she does her computer work. She's also been arranging to buy another car, as the existing one was damaged in a huge hail storm and the insurance company wrote it off. So many phone calls to arrange delivery of her replacement car and the payout from the insurance company and the finance company. I guess it's better than the old days, when we had to go in to an office and apply in person, but it takes hours and hours on the phone. Which the kids don't understand, so it's good that I was able to wrangle them and leave her to deal with it.

Of course the kids caught colds at school and day care, and passed them on to me. Nothing serious, but even minor colds tend to linger on for weeks with me, so I've been struggling to get everything done. The other day, on my once-a-week visit to the coffee shop, Mereth and I were the only ones there who hadn't had covid. That's because I stay at home all the time, except for my visits to the grandkids. They've all had covid, so I feel fairly safe there, but I also can't help but think that my time will come.  I'm fully vaccinated and boosted, so I hope that helps.

I've been obsessed with a commission quilt that I'm not at liberty to reveal, but it's done now, so I can have a bit of my life back. I'll just say that these Di Ford-Hall fabrics were involved, and they are lovely.

What was I working on, all that time ago in May?

I was adding to the stack of Jacob's Ladder blocks.

I was working on blue Carolina Chain blocks made from scraps.

I don't know whether to set them straight, or on point? I'm just stockpiling the blocks, don't have to make a decision straight away.

I might have succumbed to another Bonnie pattern.

It's Maymont, another happy, scrappy pattern. I'm making my first one in pink and green scraps, aiming for a crib quilt, or single bed topper, but there will be all sorts of scrap blocks later. It's one of my favourite block patterns.

I know I don't need to buy a pattern to make a 25-patch block, but my thinking is this; I get a whole lot of enjoyment from Bonnie's blog, so every now and then I'll buy a pattern from her as a thank you for all the time and effort she puts into her blog.  Then I can blog about my 25-patch without someone pointing out to me that I've stolen her design (!) and then everyone is happy.  I'm eyeing off Bitcoin as my next purchase.... Got to get those scraps under control.

Now I need to clean up the mess in my sewing room, and then I can settle down to some sewing just for pleasure, not for a deadline. I'm looking forward to that.

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