Saturday, December 04, 2021

A Busy Day

I started the day in the workroom, quilting a customer quilt. I don't do many these days, because I'm away so much, but we need to clear the decks before Christmas, so that we can do some of our own quilts over the break.

The neutrals are very pleasing, it all went smoothly.

While that was stitching, I was putting borders on the Scrap Chain. I was good and measured and pinned; usually I just sew the strips on, but this was so heavily pieced that I wanted to make sure the borders  were right. 

Sewing, sewing, sewing, in between attending to the quilt on the Statler.

And now it's finished. It just won't photograph properly, it looks all washed out but it's not in real life.

The border is an ancient floral, a Nancy Gere one I think.  It's looks beige in the big photo, but it's actually a greeny-tan.  The phone camera doesn't get the colour right, and if I spend time fiddling with it then I won't be doing any sewing while I try to work it out. Near enough is good enough.
On my coffee break I flicked through some books and was taken with this British quilt. That's a lot of QSTs, but it would be a good way to use up some strange fabrics I have. I've got them set aside for an 1800s, English style medallion. I think they'd work in this really well. I just need to find a red for the blocks that make up the cross, and work out the size QST I need. I don't fancy making a 93" square quilt like the original, so I'd better have a play in EQ8. I would add that it would be a good leader-ender, but we all know how those go in my sewing room.....


Rose Marie 6:17 AM  

Another lovely top done! That new project looks interesting.

kathiquilts 10:30 AM  

just love that beautiful Jacob's Ladder! 10:18 AM  

Keryn, I joined Crafty to get your instructions for QAYG. I must be using the wrong title because I get the same "not found" when I have tried Quilting Twin or your name. Can you help me? Thank you .

Chookyblue...... 5:28 PM  

nice top and goodluck drawing the other on up......can't wait to see it grow.....

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