Friday, December 24, 2021


The 2&4 top is finished, and it's my 21st finish for 2021.

I was going to put borders on it, but then decided it was a nice size for a couch quilt just the way it is.

Of course I have leftovers, but they are like a starter kit for another one of these, so I'm just packing them away for a while, till I acquire some more red and blue scraps.

This is my spreadsheet for the year. I only managed to quilt one top, which is pretty sad, but there was so much going on that I didn't get near the machine. I did quite a few customer quilts, but my own tops continue to stockpile.

I'm not going to continue to up the game each year (30 tops in 2030?), but I think my goal for 2022 is 22 finishes, be they tops or quilts or pillows or slipcovers. I really would like to quilt some of my favourite tops at last.


QuiltGranma 10:01 AM  

I recently brought the 15 gallon bin of Christmas fabrics in to cut 4 different size strips from, hoping that I can make these fabrics into tops and then have an empty bin! I just found more of those type fabrics in another and will add them to the mix. If I sew them up I will be sew happy!

Chookyblue...... 11:56 AM  

thats a lovely quilt top......and yes nice without borders also........goodluck on your finishes goal for 2022.......happy new year.....

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