Thursday, March 09, 2006

I can't imagine the dedication needed to blog every single day. I just get bowled over by all the stuff I have to do. Oh well, every few days is better than every few weeks...

I've been sewing on my Christmas quilt, but the borders are being difficult so I don't have a picture to post just yet. I will instead show you some blocks from a series of quilts I made last summer.

I had a huge pile of fabric that I just wanted to use up, so I cut it all into 2 1/2"strips. I spent days and days just cutting, until it was all gone. Major stashbusting! I felt so reckless, especially as I'd hoarded some of this fabric for 15 years.

The fabrics were nice but a bit boring, so I bought some aqua and apricot prints to liven them up. I think it worked. I sewed them into sets of strips and then subcut them into the blocks I wanted. It was a bit complicated, so I will be putting the instructions on the website, rather than going into it here.

I ended up with blocks for 4 different quilts, and two are done but I don't have good photos of them yet. We have bunkbeds in our spare bedroom, and I like the idea of making quilts in pairs, same fabrics but different patterns. Even when there's only one bed in the room I like to see a quilt covering the bed and one folded at the foot. I think that's so that I have an excuse to make twice as many quilts as we need.

These strips are made from the leftovers, so they go together, but they were all varying sizes so I had to use different patterns for them.

I have more of the squares, so I think I'll make another strip of 4-patches on point with some bigger setting triangles, also made out of scraps. And I want to separate each pieced strip with a different fabric, so it will be a super scrappy quilt.

I may have hung onto these fabrics far too long, but I had a lot of fun finally using them.


Finn 8:45 AM  

Wow! When you go, you really go!! Love the idea of making four quilts from the same group of strips. What fun!! The tops you are showing looks marvelous...can't wait to see how you did that..*VBS*

Leah S 5:37 PM  

That's a really stunning design! I'll be checking by daily... awaiting for the instructions to be posted. I have hundreds of 2.5" strips waiting! :)

Lucy 12:44 AM  

I need to take a look for the pattern. this is so great to use up fabric :c)

Bonnie 11:37 AM  

*hehehehe!* we have the same quilt underway! Yours is way farther done than mine, so I'm glad to let someone else post it..I'll send them over to your site for the instructions :c)

I think I was doing mine with 2" reminds me of a parquet floor pattern :)


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