Monday, March 13, 2006

I never had a Barbie as a child (insert sobbing violins here). No, Mereth and I had to make do with cheap Barbie knock-offs called Fifi. Let me tell you, Fifi was one hard-faced dolly. She had a mean look that could split stone. It wasn't a lot of fun to play with a doll that looked as if she was going to give you what-for any minute. Which is probably why she ended up full of pin-holes and missing the tops of her fingers; I just never felt much of a connection with her.

We made both Fifis endless collections of clothing, and set them up in their own one-bedroom apartments, and generally enjoyed playing with them. But they weren't like real Barbies....

When my daughter came to Barbiedom, I just had to have one of my own too. A sweetly smiling brunette, the type of girl you'd like to have as a best friend. Called Phillipa. And then Phillipa's little sister Erica had to come home with me, because she was fully poseable. If you don't understand any of this, you never will. But if you do understand, you know why I had to have them as an adult. If anyone asks, it was so that my daughter and I had a common interest.....

Our Barbies had to have quilts to go along with the clothes, and Don built them a 5 bedroom mansion with attic, kitchen and living room. They had a sportscar, and a caravan, several dogs and cats and a pushbike. They even had horses! They lived the high life allright. Until that fateful day when they were packed away in boxes, 7 years ago.

I found Erica's little quilt, so here she is holding it up. You can see she's thrilled with it, even after all these years. Those hexagons measure 1/4"along each side, and were made from tiny shop samples.

Phillipa's quilt is made of 1/2"hexagons, also made from shop samples. Alas, it was never quilted, but she's so lovely, she doesn't hold that against me. I just may finish it for her this week....

I must have a word with her about those purple earings; sooo last century. We may have to go shopping for some new gear.


dineke 5:39 AM  

Hy, I am reading your blog for a while now and I so understand the Barbie thing. My daughter is 14 now, I got her house and barbie stuff a while ago when she wanted a grownup room. I am going to decorate that house and, they will have quilts too!

tami 5:49 AM  

i had a pj as a child (barbie's friend, same from the neck down just with a different head. my sister got the barbie). i had great fun making her all sorts of clothes, quilts and furniture, but nothing as elaborate as yours. i can't even imagine how you made that quilt with the 1/4" hexagons. my fingers were never small enough to handle pieces that tiny.

Laura 9:45 AM  

Too cute! Thanks for sharing.

Finn 12:39 PM  

It just amazes me that you could work with such small pieces...really amazing! And very lovely..*VBS* She was one luck girl..*S*

Anonymous,  6:19 PM  

I love this post and the way your barbies are posing with their quilts LOL. My girls were never into Barbie - in fact they didn't play with dolls much at all so I never got to make any dolly quilts. Maybe one day when I'm a grandma I'll get to play at making doll quilts LOL.

Lucy 10:57 PM  

They are georgous. A bit more tiny as I am making. A very precious job!!

Dawn 1:37 PM  

I have some freezer paper hexagons that are small like that to make a mini-hexagon quilt. Geez - I have to get it started!

Patti 1:48 PM  

Love your Barbie story! I was way to old for Barbies when they first came out, and I wasn't really a doll person anyway. But I had fun playing with my daughter and her Barbies!

Holly 3:23 PM  

Keryn, I understand the Barbie thing! I love the story and the little quilts. Too cute.

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