Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In my sorting frenzy I also found this: my very first ever quilt. I made it for Mum when I was 14, and hadn't a clue what I was doing. I had very basic instructions on how to make a Log-Cabin block and a pile of dress-making scraps and away I went.

This was made as a surprise for Mum's b'day, and I locked myself in my bedroom to sew on it; no-one was allowed to come in un-announced. Seeing it was Mereth's bedroom too it put a strain on the relationship. She thought I was mad. I probably was. I played two Olivia Newton John tapes over and over again for the several weeks it took to finish the top. Even now, if I hear a song from one of those tapes I feel slightly nauseated; too much of a good thing....

The quilting of this was a farce, as I had no idea what to do. We shall draw a veil over the proceedings. Suffice to say there were two layers of batting involved. Mum loves it, and it was on her bed every winter until last year, when Mereth persuaded her to let me have it back so I can quilt it properly. Mereth unpicked the dreadful quilting, and now I have to finish the thing nicely. It's as heavy as lead, because I pieced the blocks onto old sheets, but it's also very warm.

Every material is a dressmaking scrap, and holds wonderful memories. It's eye-poppingly bright, but that was the '70s. Mini-skirts, floor length dancing dresses, swirly 8-gored skirts, shirts with puffy sleeves....

This was the start of our family quilting heritage. (And I'd kill for a length of that gold and pink paisley now....)


dot 9:15 PM  

What a lovely treasure. I look at the fabrics and do the memories start to flood back. They try today to duplicate the seventies look but its just not there. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Boudreaux 3:19 AM  

What great memories. I wish I had tangible "memories" such as these of my childhood "accomplishments".

Darcie 6:24 AM  

Welcome to the Quilt Mavericks!

This quilt-to-begin-all-quilts is terrific! At first, I had thought that I was looking at a mini...then to read further...it's bed sized!!! What an achievement for such a young lady!

And I do wonder how you ever locked yourself away from your sis? LOL I have twins...and they're nearly inseparable...especially during highly secretive operations!

Love that paisley too!

Finn 8:08 AM  

Hi Keryn, thanks for sharing your first quilt...it's a real charmer. I know your mum has loved it all these years. I think you did a great job for your age, it's a big undertaking to do a whole quilt pre-rotary.
The fabrics look as good today as always..but so different from we currently use..*VBS*

Laura 9:24 AM  

That is so neat that she has used it and loved it all those years. I can't imagine picking out all the stitches. What a treasure!

Lucy 3:52 AM  

What a beautiful story . and so many memories !! I love it !

Bonnie 6:00 PM  

*singing olivia* "In the corner of a bar there stands a juke box, with the best of country music old and new....." I probably had those same two tapes! The quilt is great, and I love the fabrics in it...you started OUT making great quilts!


Anonymous,  9:01 PM  

This was your FIRST quilt?!?!? Wow - it's fantastic :-)

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