Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today I had to drive to Yeppoon again to deliver some things to the quilt shop. Afterwards I drove to a lookout point called Wreck Point, to see how Cyclone Larry, 1000km to the north, was affecting the sea.

Wow!! The wind was enormous, I couldn't hold the camera steady long enough to get a decent picture. All the grass on the cliff was streaming in the wind, it looked amazing, as if it was all rushing uphill at me. But it didn't come out in the photos, it looked like a green lawn and showed nothing of the violence of the moment. And this was just a stiff breeze compared to the cyclone. The porcupine-ish thing in the photo is a little palm tree, trying to hang on to it's leaves in the blast.

The sea is normally blue and acquamarine, but today it was a leaden grey with lots of silt and sand and vegetable matter. The surfers were out, braving the wild wind and the waves; that sort of thing doesn't appeal to this little black duck. But I do love cliffs in bad weather; I come over all Heathecliff-y and Jamaica-Inn-ish.....

No quilting today; I had to share my office/sewing room with two men who proceeded to pull my printer to pieces and take up every inch of available space while they fixed it. I now have a working printer and a wrecked room again. Sigh.

Less than 4 weeks till I leave for America, and it's very bad planning of Bonnie's to be leaving the country just when I get there. We will have to consult with each other next time. I'm not really planning anything to do on the trip except to smile, be nice to people and show up in the right place at the right time. The way I feel now, that will be a major achievement all on it's own. I need a day off!


mereth 4:49 AM  

That sea looks positively filthy, I've never seen a Queensland sea look like that. I bet you're glad you don't live any further up the coast, it must have been awful.

The Calico Cat 11:46 AM  

I hope Larry left you unscathed... & I hope it is o.k. to visit QLD in May....

Finn 2:28 PM  

What interesting pictures... glad it was to the north of you..*S* Love the Milky Way picture. I saved that idea years ago, love the secondary pattern it makes. I still haven't made one..maybe yours will inspire me.>*VBS*

Dawn 7:16 PM  

Oh these are great pictures. You can just feel it by looking at them!

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