Monday, October 15, 2007

I spent a lot of time printing yesterday, and the waiting time between chores annoyed me as always. I set up a sewing area near the printer, and made more of these double anvil blocks, which were all kitted up and ready to sew. I'm nearly halfway to a quilt with these, and I love the eccentric stripes and bold blues. It's going to be a strong statement when it's finished. They look quite sedate against the neutral carpet, but they will be set with a red print, and that will liven them up.

It promises to be a hot summer here, and there are severe water restrictions, which means no water hoses in the garden. Everything has to be watered by bucket. An urgent project is to get the gardens at both houses mulched with pea straw before summer arrives, so that I can give everything a drink once a week and that will be enough to keep things alive. Mereth can't carry heavy things..... Let me rephrase that; Mereth shouldn't carry heavy things because of her back injury. I frequently have to tell her off for what she's lugging around. So it will be just me on the bucket brigade, but I should get nice strong arms from it. (Long ones more like it!)

The gardening is very tiring, on top of all the shifting and organising work. My hands are full of prickles and rose thorns, so no hand-sewing for me. Yesterday I found the little doll quilt that I was hand quilting. I'm at that stage of unpacking where I think 'Now what did I do with that (...whatever..)? I know I saw it somewhere, where did I put it?' Then I open a cupboard for something else and find three lost things that I shoved in there on day one and promptly forgot about. The fun is not yet over obviously. Still, I got to be 48 years old and never had a major move like this before, so I can count myself lucky.

Last night, aching hands and sunburn aside, I had a nice time sewing these letters after dinner at Mereth's place. This has been my mantra for 25 years, and I like to think I'm making progress. I want to make it into a banner to hang in my sewing room.
When Mereth went to Perth she finally managed to find something she'd been wanting to give me for ages.I adore Millhouse, from the Simpsons. He brings out my maternal instincts. My own DS wore glasses as a child, and I have a soft spot for small boys with spectacles. I am thinking of naming the Statler Marjorie Milhouse; Marjorie for our Mum, who would have been delighted and amazed to see me living here, and Millhouse because I've decided he is the patron saint of small people with glasses. Mereth and I are small people with glasses...

I love the way the afternoon light streams into the bathroom through those glass bricks. The plum tree outside makes glorious green patterns against the blue sky. I'm constantly struck by how beautiful the rooms in this house are; I feel like I'm living in a classy hotel!


Quilt Pixie 6:37 PM  

you've done a great job on the letters for your banner!

Mary 7:35 PM  

The house looks wonderful - I could easily sit in the chair and read or take a nice long soak in the tub. Glad things are getting more settled for you.

Lazy Gal Tonya 11:00 PM  

your letters are great, as are the anvil blocks. Im amazed you've had time to sew at all. I still can't find things in my apartment and I've been here 6 months now. Gotta get organised.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts 1:47 AM  

Love that quilt so far. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Your statlers name sounds wonderful coming from another little person that needs to wear glasses sometimes.
You bathroom looks so tranquil.
I can see myself laying there with candles, music and a scotch in hand.

Helen 2:59 AM  

I keep saying the same thing to myself. Love the wonky lettering. It looks great 'unfinished' almost onomatopoeic in a quilty kind of way.

joyce 4:40 AM  

The wonky lettering is great. Does your hotel-like feeling include maid service? Lol.

Karen 4:53 AM  

Your new home definitely looks classy, it's so much fun to see pics. Am absolutely crazy about the double anvil blocks.

Lisa D. 6:49 AM  

I love your anvil blocks - beautiful!

meggie 7:07 PM  

I love those anvil blocks, they are great.
It is nice to think you are so happy with your new house, & enjoying the process of settling into it.

Helen in the UK 2:56 AM  

Love your letters and the way you mixed up the colours :)

Dawn 12:01 PM  

Oh your double anvil blocks are wonderful! And your wonky letter blocks and saying are just too perfect! I think we all need a quilt hanging up saying that don't we!

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