Friday, October 05, 2007

It was all so peaceful early Tuesday morning, before the removal truck arrived with all my possessions. Then it was utter bedlam. Because this is a small town every car driving past slowed to a crawl to watch what was going on.
I was stationed by the gate with the inventory, ticking off the items by number as they were unloaded. It all went smoothly except for the fact that one of the guys seemed to be dyslexic, which led to some moments of confusion when there were multiples of some numbers to be accounted for. But we sorted it all.

Moving men do not understand quilting paraphernalia. My roll of wadding was described on the inventory as 'Package'. My quilt display stand caused much eye-rolling and head shaking. The plastic crates of fabric were incomprehensible. But the bulk of the astonishment was reserved for the boxes of books. They couldn't understand why anyone would own so many books. Good thing we're all different, I say.

The last few days have been interesting and fun, unpacking and sorting and rearranging. This house is so beautiful that it makes my heart glad to just walk in the door, and I'm amazed at how well my belongings fit in. The main bedroom looks wonderful with my prints on the wall and my quilt on the bed. I marvel at how great it looks.

The two photos show the commercial part of the building, once a bank. The Statler will be set up in front of the two windows, and my office will occupy the back area. It's separated from the 4 bedroom residence, so I will be able to shut the door and walk away from work at the end of the day. If I want to, that is. I just may be having so much fun I don't want to stop.


Anonymous,  3:09 AM  

Looks like a well organised mess.
I could only imagine what those guys thought of your fabric then the books......
What was the reason for the move down south?

Jane Weston 6:14 AM  

Nothing more chaotic than moving...but nothing more exciting either! It's like a fresh start isn't it?
Just mentioned that it's an old bank...does that mean it comes with a giant safe? It would make an ideal place to keep you stash LOL

Quilt Pixie 7:18 AM  

it's never possible to have too many books, but I hate moving them -- they're so very heavy...

Your new home sounds like the perfect layout for you. I hope you settle well, and find everything you're looking for as you unpack :-)

Anonymous,  9:54 PM  


I love the outside of your new home. I'm sure it is going to be gorgeous once you're all set up.


TraceyB 10:42 PM  

Welcome home to South Australia!!
Hope to catch up with you soon...

meggie 11:25 PM  

It all looks so orderly Kerryn. Hope you will soon be settled & comfortable.
A new adventure!

Chookyblue 6:00 PM  

wow what a find.........A sewing place and a home place all the building.........hope all is settling down for you and the unpacking is going ok....take care

Mary 9:44 PM  

It sounds like the perfect setup! The unpacking is the part I hate most about moving but it will be so nice once you finish and have everything in it's place.

Sweet P 6:27 PM  

I don't mind unpacking. It's like having Christmas. Plus I like making order out of chaos and what is more chaotic than moving?

Nola 4:59 AM  

Looks great, Kerryn! Hope you get organised quickly and settle in.

MJ in Michigan 5:22 AM  

I got the same reaction from the movers during our move 3 years ago. One of them even commented that he hadn't read as many books as I owned in his entire life. I wanted to reply that that was why he was a mover but I didn't.
I look forward to seeing more of your work in Tonya's class.

Karen 2:49 PM  

Hi, Keryn, it all looks very interesting. Your building is very pretty inside and out.

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