Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We took a quick trip to Adelaide last week to fix up some business stuff. We left early in the morning, before breakfast, and spotted this fellow having a feed in a crop of legumes. He was keeping pace with the car for a while, then did a U-turn and bounded off in the opposite direction.
On the weekend we went out to visit Mereth's boy Matt, at his place in the country. He took us through all the ruins that he helps caretake, and I was intrigued by this wall of graffiti, some of it over 30 years old.I really liked this 'K' and I may try to duplicate it in piecing. Once you start noticing letters you see them everywhere.

One of our first jobs will be to take decent photographs of my quilt collection. The bank building is ideal for this, with fantastic natural and/or artificial lighting, a large cream wall as background and enough room to set up a tripod and get the whole quilt in shot. In my old place I used to have to hang off the edge of the deck, risking life and limb, to try and get photos of large quilts.

This is a 'T' quilt that I pieced and quilted many years ago. It's hanging on the stands to remind us that this is a quilting area.
The smallest bedroom has become the dumping ground for my quilts. There's hardly room to get inside now, but we will sort it all out over the next few weeks. There is a bed and a chest of drawers under that lot, and about the same number of quilts on the other side of the room. HELP!
And the thing that I want to do above all else is put my sewing room to rights and get some sewing done.


Hedgehog 5:47 AM  

Can't wait to see pictures of those piles of quilts!! Good luck with all the unpacking and hope to see that K soon!

Quilt Pixie 8:22 AM  

a new place is always great, but the unpacking such a chore....

Dawn 9:08 AM  

It will be wonderful once you get all that icky unpacking done! I love your T quilt! And the pic of the Kangaroo is awesome!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts 1:17 AM  

Love your action shot and you just helped me overcome my fear of making too many quilts one day.
So I can never make too many, is that the rule.?

Julie aka "Quilt Diva" 8:11 AM  

one quilt at a time... good luck with the photo inventory project. What a series of wonderful posts those will make! And, in the midst of your unpacking, don't forget to breathe! (more kangaroo moments)

comicbooklady 6:30 AM  

I know you are busy, but I emailed you a few days back...did you get it? if not can you email me?

btw, I can't wait to see how you arrange all this space, I must have missed the early posts of your move, but this old bank building, was someone living it before you or did you have to renovate it first?

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