Thursday, October 18, 2007

The weather was vile yesterday, windy and hot and dry. Watering and mulching the garden became a priority, so we spent several hours tending to the plants and trying to get them prepared. Of course everyone else has had the same idea, so there is a scarcity of mulch hay here, but every time we travel to another town we find a few bales to bring back. We never did go in for normal souvenirs.

And we were mad enough to buy some punnets of petunias for a bit of colour, so those had to go into the ground quick smart. Along with my usual lashings of parsley and spring onions. And I cannot resist blue flowers, so these campanula had to come home with me. The flowers are very dainty, only about 3/4" across, but there are masses of them and they are so cheerful.I think we are close to calling the garden finished, and then it will be just a matter of bucketing enough water onto it to keep it alive.
There are roses blooming bravely, and snapdragons too. The lemon and orange trees are covered in flowers, so hopefully there will be some fruit later in the season.It's nice to inherit these established plants, so that I don't have to start from scratch.

I made some more letters last night, and sewed them into this little banner, to go with the first one I made.I am gradually creating order here, and now I need to focus on the important things. Sewing, designing, making new contacts.

Mereth was disappointed to learn that it will be another two weeks before the Statler arrives, but the delay does have advantages. Once it's here we are going to be completely absorbed in quilting our stockpile of tops, so we should use this next fortnight to get our projects up to date and all other work sorted, so that we can devote ourselves to the new machine. Well that's my theory anyway.


julieQ 7:01 AM  

I look at both of your blogs every day and am so glad to see a post! I love those blocks on your last most, they are just the best. How many tops do you have lined up for the Statler?? enjoy!

meggie 4:56 PM  

I too check for posts! I love that will have each other to share.
Loved seeing your lovely flowers. My grandson just loves Snapdragons- calls them Dragons.

Sweet P 6:02 PM  

I love the photos are your flowers. Your focus and order blocks. Great job on them.

Carol E. 8:07 PM  

The flowers are gorgeous!

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