Sunday, October 14, 2007

When we have finished setting up the house and office and workroom entirely I intend to sit in this very comfortable chair and read a book for hours, with many cups of coffee and not a twinge of guilt. Aren't those poppies fantastic? They self-seed in Mereth's garden like a weed, so there are always some to cut for flowers. The blooms are at least 4" across, and a mass of silky soft petals.

The first meal I cooked in my new kitchen was spinach and cheese pie. On our road trip over we stopped for breakfast at a tiny petrol station that advertised home-made pies. The cheese and spinach one was divine, so we recreated here, without the pastry because it's healthier that way. It's simply 6 eggs, a cup of grated cheese, 1/2 cup of cream or milk and a packet of frozen spinach. I cooked it for 25 minutes in a med. oven, then sprinkled on the sesame seeds and flaked almonds and let it finish cooking. It was divine, and there was enough for lunch the next day too.I have always wanted a cellar, and this place has a lovely little space with shelves and a window that lets in a surprising amount of light. It's inviting enough to put a chair down there and read. But I think it's going to fill up rapidly with things that need to be stored out of the way. Very few modern Australian homes have cellars, and not many early homes had them either. Pity, they are a wonderful idea.

When we finished the washing up last night I was so enchanted by the blend of colours and textures on the bench that I took a photo. The roses are Charles Austin and Just Joey, and if I had thought to put some lavender in the vase it would have mimicked the pattern on the plate behind perfectly.
This is photograhic proof that I have sewn recently! It's still hard to get into the sewing room, the space isn't set up properly but I'll just have to deal with that until I can get a couple more cabinets. The Janome is set up and plugged in, the music is on and the projects are waiting.....

It seems we are so fixated on patchwork that we even want a patchwork carpet. These are remnants that will cover the floor in the office/workroom. The carpet salesman thought we were mad to put so many different patterns together, but I think they look great. The space will be divided up into different areas anyway, office, posting, printing, quilting workroom; why not a different carpet for each area?


Harmany Quilting 5:08 PM  

Gee, it's looking FANTASTIC. Spincah pie looks good too.

Lucy 11:15 PM  

lovely picture of your featherweight:-)

Lazy Gal Tonya 12:48 AM  

wonderful to see that your house is already a home. looks lovely and what gorgeous flowers. dinner looks and sounds yummy.

meggie 1:12 AM  

Wonderful pics! I just love those roses, & the plate & tureen. One rose is the nickname we use for our daughter! I should see if I could get it to grow.
Your home is looking wonderful, & I love the idea for your carpets!

Karen 2:05 AM  

Gracious, all the progress and so many accomplishments already, you are a whirlwind! Can't wait to see the carpets, the top one is so pretty. Wonderful recipe, too, I want to try it.

YankeeQuilter 2:26 AM  

I like the idea of different carpet in each area! Glad you are taking a break from the is more stressful and tiring then expected!

joyce 5:37 AM  

I have those same poppies in my garden in the summer. Nearly everyone here has a cellar but I hate them. Too much work to keep them clean and usually too dark. They do stay cool though which might be really nice over there.

Quilt Pixie 8:50 AM  

patchwork of carpeting is a divine idea! there's never too many patterns :-)

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