Sunday, June 05, 2011

When I'm really busy it's amazing how much I can achieve by using every last scrap of time.  I sewed most of these plaid blocks in my coffee breaks, or waiting on hold on the phone, or before I went to work in the mornings.

It helps that it's a simple pattern, 8 seams per block and it's done.  I've really cleared out the 3.5" strips, which was my aim.  The next step is to go through the stash drawers and weed out bits less than an eighth of a metre and cut them into more of these blocks.  It's always therapeutic to thin out the stash drawers and make room for homeless fabric.

And I have a bit of that, after succumbing to the latest free shipping offers from Hancock's.  I need to get this lot put away, but first I have to make room for it.  I'm thinking of making a plaid quilt like JulieK's, and that should clear out the drawer where  I keep my small stash of plaids and stripes.  Well that's the plan, but I could probably make 4 or 5 quilts from that drawer before they are all used up.  Anyway, it will be progress if I can fit them into a smaller drawer.

Here's a picture of Seonaid and Dolly, at the start of our walk. 
The dogs have to start out on the lead, just  to have a bit of discipline before they are let go; once the leads come off then they're off like the wind, racing each other over the expanses of grass.  It's a pleasure to watch.


julieQ 9:22 AM  

HI Keryn! I think you would just love making a plaid quilt like the one I made...go for it girl!! I really like the plaid blocks you are working on now...I bet they are kind of addicting to make, LOL!! Your girls on their walk are just beautiful!

Jan 11:19 AM  

You are so right about sewing in bits of stolen time. I'm certain that our foremothers did the same. Your new blocks are so nice; the simple designs are nearly always the best, methinks!
How nice that you have such a long visit with your pretty daughter.

sewprimitive karen 11:28 AM  

I've been sewing these same blocks today, considering them for alternate block for a set of blocks I have. Seonaid and Dolly look very happy together!

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