Saturday, August 27, 2011

The dies for the Go cutter arrived last Monday, but I had such a busy week that I couldn't even  unpack them.  It made me work all the harder, knowing that when I finished my projects I would be able to play with my new toys.  So I hurried to fill a really big pattern order, and slaved away at a custom quilt, and by Friday afternoon I could afford some time off to unpack the box, cut up some fabric and put the cutter through it's paces.

This is the die that I really wanted.

It was an experimental die, and they took it off the website the day after I ordered it, so I was really lucky to get it.  I have to say that this HST die was the reason I decided to actually buy the cutter in the first place. I don't like the dies that cut the triangles in a long strip; there is too much waste that way.  But this group of triangles is very economical because they share sides with each other.  I'm really pleased with this, and it's going to be very useful.  If they get enough interest in this die it will be added to their catalogue, so I will leave  a message on their site telling them how much I approve of this design.  If you would like to buy one too, you could go tell them so that they know people want it.

The other die that I was waiting for was this one;
again, it's economical because the triangles are grouped together to minimise waste fabric.  It makes a triangle that works with the 2" finished HST die to make Flying Geese units.  I've made some FG units that turned out the correct size, and some Hourglass units that worked perfectly too.  I'm going to put this die to work cutting pieces for a Flying Geese scrap quilt.  I'll also be able to make Sawtooth Star blocks,
either cutting the squares with a rotary cutter, or with the die that came with the Go.

Even Mereth is happily cutting pieces with the cutter and planning how she can use them.  It's not as accurate as she likes, so she will only use the units for things where that doesn't matter so much.  I'm not such a stickler for accuracy, I just fudge and fiddle, so I don't really mind if the odd piece is a smidgeon too small.  I make inaccurate cuts with the rotary cutter too, so it's all par for the course.

I have triangles everywhere, and none of them required any thought or effort to cut.  I'm really enjoying myself with my new toy.

The tree guys were having fun with their toys too, including a chainsaw on a 12' pole. 
I would hate to think how much trouble I could get into with things like that.  Good thing they did it all.  The bobcat guy showed up on Friday to do his bit, and now I have a site prepared. 
With any luck I should have my shed within a fortnight, fingers crossed.....


Mary 8:47 PM  

I love my GO too and I'm pretty good at working with small inaccuracies but I find if I'm careful about sending the die thru with the fabric on the lengthwise grain it's really accurate. I was surprised at the difference I got when not paying attention and sending the widthwise grain thru first.

katie z. 6:00 PM  

I'm not a very accurate cutter either!

Meggie 8:48 PM  

What an exciting time for you. Lovely to have a garden. I have missed catching up with your posts, so must come back to read more.

Henrietta 11:13 PM  

The experimental die has been added to their catalogue. Find it here:

Four meters is a very large borrow, glad you got it back.

Seonaid Emmerson 9:19 AM  

Ooooh how exciting!

Stephanie Newman 4:10 PM  

Yes, if you get the fabric organised to head into the rollers on the lengthwise grain there is less pull from the foam on the fabric. Or do what the girls at Cutting Art suggested to me, place a piece of paper on the top and the bottom (either side of the fabric stack) before cutting- this stops the slight movement of fabric. I'm told this will not blunt the die because it is not a "blade"- and logically metal is harder than paper.
The HST multiple die is also now available in the regular line and the first shipment is on its way- whoo hooo! Can't wait for mine to arrive.

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