Monday, August 29, 2011

I had a cutting marathon on Sunday, stockpiling pieces so that I will be able to sew in any spare time this week. 

I cut more than 130 of the elongated hexagons, using the ruler and rotary cutter. The triangles I cut with  the Go cutter, and it made life so much easier.  I stood for hours, cutting the hexagons, and the triangles were done in minutes.  I'm rapt!
I've cut between a third and a half of the pieces needed, and I'll sew all those into blocks before I cut any more.  I will need to see how the colours look, and whether I need to add in specific colours or fabrics when I cut the rest of the blocks. They are so easy to piece, I usually do 10 at a time, and they mount up quickly.  I really like the way this looks so far.

Of course I can't stop fiddling with the different dies, and whipped up these two blocks just to test how accurate they were. 
I seem to have started a pink and brown set of blocks now; my subconcious is telling me to use up some of the three drawers of pink fabric.  I don't have any plan for these blocks, they are just experiments.  Whenever I want to try something out I'll keep using pink and brown , eventually I'll have enough blocks for a quilt.

Spring arrived last Thursday.  On Wednesday I was looking at the gardens around town and thinking 'Not long till Spring gets here..." and the next day everything seemed to have happened over night; daisies blooming, roses budding, butterflies dancing.  That's Spring all right.  I'm not ready to say goodbye to winter, but then I never am.  I just hope it's a nice mild summer like last year.


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