Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It was a hectic weekend, but in a good way.

First up, DD Seonaid arrived on Wednesday for a few days off.  By sheer good luck Mereth's DS1 John was in town, and we had a wonderful family get together with our brother and sister-in-law.  Lots of laughter and good food.
On Saturday it was the Crystal Brook show, and we spent an enjoyable morning visiting the exhibits and the vendors. 
I even went up on the Ferris wheel with Seonaid; the last time we did this she was 7 years old, and gave me a heart attack by kneeling on the seat and hanging over the edge.  That was the last ride I took her on!  The seats in this ferris wheel had railings, making it much safer, and she's way more sensible now.
We left at midday and drove to Adelaide, meeting up again with John and Liz, for an appointment with Harry Potter. 
I really enjoyed the film, but I was sad that it was the end of the series; it felt like the end of an era.  Now we will wait till the final one is released on DVD, and then we can have our own marathon of Harry Potter.

Honestly, is this year's crop of films more than usually idiotic?  The trailers were just rubbish, nothing that I could even be bribed to see.  Absolute bunkum.

While we were at John's place he insisted we watch an episode of Hoarders.   Truly, we're not as bad as those people, we just have  a lot more fabric than the average quilter.  And it's all stored neatly, so what is wrong with that?  Nothing, but I'm still going to get rid of a lot of my scraps and older pieces, mainly to make room for new purchases.  I've fallen off the No-Buy wagon this year, so I will have to downsize to accommodate the new arrivals.

In between work projects I've been cutting and sewing HSTs made with the Go cutter.
I'm having fun with it, and the finished units are accummulating rapidly, with hardly any work on my part; got to love that!
I don't know what I'll use these for, so they will just sit in the drawer for now; when I have a good idea for a quilt that uses lots of 2" finished HSTs I'll be all set to start churning out the blocks.


Karen 5:37 AM  

I remember my first ferris wheel ride. It was the old type that had cages that you rode in and the wheel went round slow. I never rode on one of the newer types that goes around so fast or one of those double wheel ones.

Jeanne 10:25 AM  

I'm loving that container of HSTs!

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