Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There are always a few ideas waiting in the wings, ready to take over from my main project at a moment's notice.  Sometimes, when I keep shoving them aside and working dutifully on what I should be doing, they get more and more demanding.  After a while, I can't resist any longer.
As soon as I saw the picture of this quilt on one of Bonnie's posts I wanted to make it.

Then Mereth found it on Ebay as well .  I'd buy it if I had the funds.....
So once I made the decision to use my elongated hexagons as leader-enders these blocks just jumped into existence in a matter of minutes ( or it seemed that way).  I tried a couple of other blocks to see if I liked them, and they will fit in, but I like the Flyfoot block so much I will make the rest of the blocks in that pattern.

I've never made a Flyfoot block, never made anything with yellow setting fabric, and I had a pile of those strange greyed out browns that I would like to use up.  That's three reasons to make it, and I only need one usually...

Unfortunately, my brown fabrics aren't nearly enough to do all the blocks, so I will have to use browns that have a more yellowish cast, but I don't mind.  It's an unexpected colour combination, brown and yellow, but I'm loving it so far.

On the shed front, the formwork for the slab was finished on Tuesday, and they  are supposed to be here today for the pour.  Given how hard it is to access my block, I think they are going to trundle the concrete in using the bucket of a front-end loader.  That's going to be fun.  I'll take photos.


Karen 9:56 AM  

I just purchased some antique quilt blocks last week at a quilt show that is the same design as the block in the quilt. I think it is called Swastika also but I have never liked that name. I have not put pictures of them on my blog yet. Maybe later today or tomorrow. I am not going to keep them. I bought a bunch of blocks and a top to rescue them as they were very reasonable. Someone will surely want them. The blocks are scrappy and not the colors you are using.

I will be watching the progress on your quilt.

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