Sunday, September 18, 2011

We have a slab! 

They did indeed use a lttle front-end loader to bring in the concrete.
I'm glad I didn't have to paddle around in that stuff, I've done my share of concreting.  It was such a warm day it went off really quickly, so no chance for puppy pawprints.

Now we wait for the next step, which is the shed itself.  If I was the impatient sort I would be climbing the walls about now.  Luckily I'm quite philosophical about the protracted waiting time.  In a month's time all this waiting will be immaterial, because the shed will be there.  (Please please please let the shed be up in a month's time....)

I worked diligently on my Flyfoot blocks over the weekend, and I'm up to 19 now.  They are flying together, it's amazing.  Cutting them with the Go cutter really helps, the pieces just seem to spring into existence with no effort on my part.  It's going to look very much like the original, but I will have to combine yellow fabric, as I don't have a piece large enough to do the whole thing.  I can deal with scrappy.

And there may be a pieced border in there somewhere to, haven't decided on that yet.

My garden is taking up a fair bit of time now, and the weather is heating up alarmingly.  I'm watering thoroughly, and repotting and taking cuttings so that when I get garden beds established I will have enough plants to fill them.  Most of my plants are cadged from friends, or dug up from the side of the road, or rescued cheaply from nurseries where they are quietly expiring.  The other day I saw a simple daisy in one garden centre that had a pricetag of $21.  Gak!  Who could afford that.  So I will con tinue asking friends for pieces from their garden, and then whenever I see that plant it reminds me of the person who gave it to me.  My garden will be a collection of friends as well as plants.


sewprimitive karen 2:06 AM  

The flyfoots are so great; ooo a pieced border would look wonderful with them, can't wait to see, and love the yellow.

Jan 10:24 AM  

A mix of yellows will be even better, I think. Loved your comments about friends & gardens. Those plants are so much better than the purchased ones. Anyone with the cash can put a garden together, but it is so much more special to acquire, and create.

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