Sunday, August 26, 2012

It was a busy weekend, and it didn't last nearly long enough.  I love having a stretch of time to devote to one thing only, and that's rare in my life. I always try to do two things at once, which is time efficient, but not mentally relaxing.  But I did manage to get a lot of sewing time, while I was cooking and doing laundry as well.

I put the borders on the Doors and Windows quilt yesterday, and I'm pleased that I chose to add a pieced strip.

It's a bit playful and I like those little corner pieces.

 I'm really scratching around for 2.5" strips now, I will have to cut some soon, but not right away.  I have about 7 new projects started and lying around in various boxes and baskets; I need to sort them out before I start cutting to replenish the strip drawers.

Spring is just around the corner, and the plants in the garden know it.  I bought 18 roses this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in flower, but not ready to see the back of the cold weather yet.  Summer is getting closer all the time, ughh.  But there are months on nice weather and beautiful flowers yet to come.

I think these pink and navy blue Arctotis are my favourite flower rght now, so cheerful and the colour combination with the silvery blue-green leaves is wonderful.  What a quilt that would make!


Michelle 4:22 PM  

The quilt is gorgeous, love the name of it!

Gypsy Quilter 7:22 PM  

Wonderful new quilt. Thanks sew much for sharing.

Jan 11:46 AM  

Another great quilt idea, and the name is so fun! Your flower name is unknown to me, but it reminds me of a Gerbera Daisy, although smaller in scale. It is a happy flower, just like this one :)

Angie 2:05 PM  

I LOVE this quilt!!

Debra 2:15 AM  

Love the quilt and that pieced border really adds some zing. Your Irish chain was lovely too.

pdudgeon 6:10 AM  

your picture of the flowers brings back memories! my mother had a whole swath of them that self-seeded along our driveway. Hers were white with the blue centers. i so seldom see any of those flowers grown now, so it's a pleasure to see that they still exist and are appreciated in a small corner of the world.

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