Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aim high

I have an ambitious plan for this long weekend.  I would like to finish 4 UFOs, over three days; most of them are within hours of finishing, so it's entirely possible.  I don't want to sew myself to a standstill, but I would like to get these projects done and dusted, so I can move on to more recent projects.

First up is the star quilt; I spent the last three days choosing borders for it, and now I'm ready to put them on, so that will only take an hour or two.

Then I want to put these Log Cabin blocks together; they've been sitting around for quite a while, and I should never have let myself get distracted from them.  Maybe 4 hours work to do that.

Next is the applique quilt, which has probably 2 hours of stitching left to do.  I'll sit down tonight and do that while I watch a DVD.
And finally, the Big Dipper blocks are nearly all done, I just need another 3 of them, and they will be my leader-enders as I work on the Log Cabin blocks. 
They are going to be put together with a simple on-point setting, so that will take the best part of a day I suppose, but there won't be any decisions to make with that one, I'll just be sewing seams.

It's a lot of work to commit to, but if I succeed I'll be a very happy quilter.  Best get a move on then!
This isn't going to sew itself.


Diane-crewe 1:13 AM  

GOOD LUCK! ... remember to eat ... sleep ... and BREATH!!

Lucy 10:30 PM  

Now I notice the blue fabric you use. I have it in my stash too. A great color! makes me that I want to sew with it right now :-)

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