Monday, April 28, 2014

I almost did it, but that fourth quilt was just too much.  I totally finished the applique quilt and the Travelling Stars, did the final seam on the Log Cabins today, but the Big Dipper blocks are still on the wall.  Not that I'm surprised, it was a lot to attempt.

Travelling Stars
 Sun and Snow
 Log Cabin

Love all those teeny tiny strips....
Big Dipper

I lost an evening to a family dinner, and an afternoon to hunting for some photos and mementos I wanted to show the brother on Anzac day, which was Friday.  I guess I could have stayed focused and achieved more, but it's nice to have a life beyond quilting sometimes.  I'm going to keep on with the Big Dipper blocks this week, but I will be doing other things as well, gardening, quilting, spinning and knitting.

It was good to set myself the challenge; when I think of how many times I had to resist wandering off to check blogs and internet, I know that I wouldn't have finished these quilts in the time frame if I'd given in to those impulses.  It's so easy to waste time and let myself be distracted; the only way to stop that is determination and dedication.  And for a reward, I get to mark these quilts off the UFO list, and add the amount of fabric used to my spreadsheet, and write these finished tops up in the To Be Quilted list.  That will give me a sense of satisfaction, and I'll be ready for the next challenge, whatever that will be.  Time to look at the UFO list and see what's next.


Anonymous,  2:22 PM  

Well done Keryn! My question is - what do you DO will all these finished quilts? Do you give them away? Use them yourself? Or do they just move from the UFO cupboard to the linen cupboard and take up residence there?

Sue SA 3:03 PM  

The three tops look fantastic, well done you made good use of your holidays. One ufo is a good result in my book!

Jan 7:24 PM  


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