Thursday, April 17, 2014

I've got my work cut out......

The prospect of four days off is intoxicating!  All the things I could long as I don't waste too much time relaxing.

I'm determined to make good progress on the appliqué border, so first thing this morning I prepared the remaining background strips, cut the rest of the bias strips
and cut out enough paper leaf shapes.  I'm doing a few at a time, in between other things, so I don't get sick of it.
There's going to be a lot of hand stitching in this, so the sooner I get serious about it the better. Here's hoping I get most of it done this weekend.
Tonight we're having a family dinner, so no stitching time there: maybe I'll stay up late afterwards doing some of the mindless sewing like tacking the bias strips.
For a quick piecing fix I've been sewing more Big Dipper blocks, only 7 more and I'll  have enough. They are a fun block to piece.

Time to go work in the garden, I have lots of seedlings to plant for my winter veggies.  There are eggplant and capsicum and chili bushes to strip, and then I'll have to get busy cooking to use them all up. 
And you know its my favourite time of the year approaching; the crysanthemums are out in flower, and soon there will be great bunches of flowers all over the house.  I need to get out there and give them all some more soluble fertiliser and make sure the blooms are the best they can be.


Dasha 12:25 AM  

My veggies have been a huge disappointment this year. A pathetic harvest, apart from the self seeded tiny toms. Almost makes me feel like packing it in.

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