Saturday, April 12, 2014

Off to the beach

We're about to set off for the beach, where the dogs will run wildly through the sand and seaweed, and we'll enjoy fish and chips for lunch.  It's a beautiful day, and much as I would love to get some sewing done, I'll appreciate a day with family more.

I made haste to prepare the first border strip, so that when I come home I'll be able to start work on the applique straight away.  I've never done an applique border, so I'm being ultra careful, and what I learn on this first strip will help the others go more smoothly.  I've prepared a length of bias for the vine; Mereth taught me this method of folding a strip into thirds and tacking it together. 

The folded edge is nice and plump, easy to get the needle into.  I have used other methods that iron the bias strip, but that sharp crease at the edge makes it harder to get the needle in the right place.

I drew lines 3" apart on the wrong side of the background strip, then tacked along those lines so I can see them from the right side.  This may be caution overkill, but I don't want any lines visible on the front.  I might do away with this on future strips, but I'm just experimenting so far.

I made a template of the centre of the vine, and marked that on the strip.  This pencil line will be entirely hidden by the bias, so I'm not fussed about that.  I'm using a Karisma ceramic pencil, it's very nice to work with.
Now I'm ready to start stitching that vine into place, but it will have to wait till tonight.  I'm a bit excited about this :)
And look!  I even ironed a rosette like I was supposed to.  I AM being good.


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