Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We were walking the dogs at the football field the other night, and Dolly climbed up into the grandstand on a scavenging hunt. She knows that people drop food up there, and she snacks on some disgusting stuff if I don't stop her. By the time I climbed up after her I could hear an almighty racket, and this is what I found.

She had her head jammed so far in there that she couldn't pull it off.  Was it mean of me to take a photo before I rescued her?  She was none the worse for her experience, and cantered off in high spirits, reeking of  barbeque chips. Wot a life she has...


Diane-crewe 9:49 AM  

so funny x sort of thing my Sam would do!! lol x

Jan 5:54 PM  

Silly Dolly!

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